Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The day before

Here it is the 
day before Thanksgiving ! ! ! 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone ! ! ! ! 

Just a quick glance at what's happin'
in my kitchen:

Older Daughter's contribution toward
T-Day dinner is the
Pie Pumpkin she purchased during her visit with us
and I've halved it, sprayed it with Pam 
and it's baking along side
Mrs. Smith's Pumpkin Pie.
My Yam Dish is on the lower shelf.
Yes, canned yams, butter, brown sugar and ground pepper.

whew ! ! !  I'm pooped ! ! ! ! 

Thanks to DD#2, 
Mr. Turkey, 
weighing in at 20 pounds
and the rest of the fixin's are in her good hands.
We'll be feasting at her table tomorrow.

Don't YOU be late to the table ! ! ! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

just in case
comes along:

Oh, my ! ! ! 
Do you want to hear about my love affair with Nutella??

Tell me,
have you ever tried either
Nutella or Biscoff Spread?????





  1. Have to say that I have not tried Nutella or Biscoff Spread. What am I missing out on???

    1. Ohhhh, Betty, it is sooooo good ! ! !
      It's made from Hazelnuts ! ! ! ! with cocoa added ! ! !
      It's a great spread for just about anything, toast, waffles, bread, even by the spoon full. Yuuuuummy ! ! ! !


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gail, hope your day is a wonderful one.

      The question is: 'how much can I eat without bursting?'

      Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. If that is your cabinet at home, you are well prepared for the zombie apocalypse with all of that yummyness. Also your yam dish sounds amazing!

    1. You bet I'm prepared ! ! ! !
      Though the Nutella does not last very long in this house.
      I ♥♥♥ the stuff.

      Since it's made from Hazelnuts, I'm calling a health food
      even though it does contain some tasty cocoa

      My Yam Dish does taste dee-lish as we did have it for dinner tonight. Had to make sure it was good enough for our Holiday dinner.
      That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

      Have a wonderful
      and thanks for stopping by


  4. I'm afraid to try the Biscoff spread! I love the cookies!!

    1. Oh, Tina, Ohhhhh
      we just bought our first two pkgs of the cookies last week.
      We've already had to go back to buy four more pkgs.

      Don't you think they may be addictive ? ? ? ? LOL LOL

      Perhaps you'd best not get into eating that spread,
      though it does taste good straight from a spoon.

      Have a great Thanksgiving Day
      leave room for the Biscoffs.


    2. I think it is Delta that gives them on their flights. I really hate flying Delta, but at least we get the cookies. I've managed to push my cart swiftly by the packages of cookies at the grocery far...

      I will share a recipe of slice and bake cookies we keep in the refrigerator at this time of year for when company drops in. I think you'll like them if you like the Biscoffs. I'll post that next week.

    3. Recipe is welcome. I'll have something special to bake when DD#2 shares HER baked cookies with US ! ! She sent us home from yesterday's T-Day Dinner with a couple of dozen of her variation of her Chocolate Cookies.
      Sinful, just sinful ! ! ! They are so dee-lish.
      So, yes, your recipe is WELCOME here.

      Our weather is just gorgeous this week, above normal for this time of year. However . . . .


  5. I first had Nutella in Switzerland. It is VERY good!!! May have to try your other snackies.
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I did make TWO pies (from scratch) for the men. Bet they'll be gone by Friday night!!!

    1. Whoa! you're ahead of me on this discovery ! ! ! Soo Dee-lish.

      Hope you get a piece or two of pie between now and Friday night ! ! !

      Have a great Thanksgiving, Paula.


    2. You enjoy your feast today...and tomorrow...and possibly Saturday. See you Wednesday!!!
      love, paula

  6. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.
    Hey, you're using your oven ;)
    I hope you have a smashing day.
    PS- I have one son you can eat
    a jar of Nutella a day, he loves
    the stuff.

    1. Yes, I did use my oven ! ! ! After all, it's for the holiday :^O

      Have to admit, it does not happen often.

      We'll be going over to Daughter Deb's for our Grand Meal, sure hope she ha that big ol' twenty-THREE pound turkey in the oven already.

      Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving table today, Tracey.

      but, before I go, I must met your son and we can list the GREATNESS of Nutella. It's been know that I can eat it straight from the spoon. LOL LOL


  7. Love Nutella, but have never heard of Biscoff. That is going to be my mission this week

    1. OMG, since we found Biscoff COOKIES at our store
      ohhh, it's been a hard road NOT to eat like they're going outta style.

      Just be warned. :^)


  8. Hi honey
    A big late Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am now hungry all over again after peeking into your oven. What a spread you guys had for your Thanksgiving meal.
    I have been wanting to try these two things because my granddaughter loves them. I just keep forgetting when I buy my groceries to look for them.
    Hope your well.
    So glad you came by for a visit. As you know I have really fallen behind with blogging. I hate that and hope to get back to being better at it.
    I do miss you.

    1. Good afternoon, Sweet Maggie,
      Thanksgiving meal was wonderful DD#2 did a great job of roasting the turkey and co-ordinating the meal
      We do love to bake/roast winter squashes halved, afterwards we add seasonings and BUTTER ! ! !

      Believe me when I say I know about being behind in blogging. I, too, am attempting to be better.

      Love ya and will drop by real soon for an honest to goodness visit.

      love & hugs

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Gerry, I have not forgotten about that recipe...looking for the book it came out of. Hope you are having a fantastic December!

    1. Tina, our temps have been in the 70s! Rain last nite, gauge shows three-quarters of an inch - yahooooooo !

      Haven taken of most gift giving. Now talking about buying a Christmas w/lites so we don't have to string them, just in and sit back.

      That way we won't have to get inti the stored chrstmas decorations. You know how many of us dislike the chore of putting all those decoration away after the Holidays

      You know, of course, when you send your recipe I'm just gonna eat those cookies. :^)


  11. Not sure how I missed this posting last week but I did. At first I thought I was on the wrong blog!!! An oven? With food in it? Baking from scratch?!!! Looks delish. Have not tried either one of the heavenly items you raved about but if you're happy I'm happy.

    1. Yep ! Even turned the oven on ! !

      DD#2 did the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

      A grand meal, all in all.

      Nutella is down right additive !

      Thanks for stopping by to peek into my oven!


  12. Hi honey
    Thank you so much for entering my candy giveaways. I do wish I could send everyone that enters some of my candy. Wouldn't that be wonderful.
    Thinking of you today and wishing you Good Luck with the giveaway.
    Love ya

  13. Hi honey
    Just wanted to come by and wish you a Very Merry Christmas.
    Hope Santa is good to you.


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