Sunday, November 4, 2012

Whew! October was a busy month.

Out-of-town visitors from California kept us hopping.
The beginning of the month our older son made a quick appearance,
the end of the month brought younger son and d-i-l
our older daughter.

Not much planning of activities 
- we all like to take what comes.

Our Capitol was highlight a couple of days.
A guided tour of our beautiful Capitol one day 
and a private tour for some of us another day.

Lots of visits to favorite eating spots
- especially Central Dairy -
Boy, oh, boy, did we ever get our fill of dairy.
Extreme Moose Tracks and Bear Claw
seemed to be the flavors of choice.
Couldn't talk anyone into a Banana Split.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now that everyone has returned to the West Coast 
we have taken time to remove any and all of the Halloween decor.  
By the way, how many Trick-or-Treaters rang your door bell????
Wanna guess how many we had 
- here I am bragging again -
did ya take a stab at how many?
that's 9 little ghost or gobblins or rather Princesses, Super Heroes and, yes, even one member of some SWAT TEAM ! ! ! ! !  
Cute, every one.  
But what do we do with the rest of the candy???


Between the arrivals and departures of our kid's visits
there was time to knit.
Yeah, yeah, I know you're not one bit surprized.

Well, with the turn of the seasons and cooler to cold temps making it known every time we left the house,
I decided I needed a knit hat to keep my ears warm.

So I cast on using the Tree Frog colorway
and knit the ribbing that would hug my head and ears.

Then began the decrease portion.  
By decreasing five times each round I created a wonderful swirl effect that I just love.

Keeps my ears warm and my head snuggled into this yummy Merino wool.

Have you ever attempted to photography yourself wearing a knit hat?
Well, it ain't easy!
Don't ask me how I know.  
However, the number 23 does come to mind when I think about it.

Hubby came to my rescue
and got just the angle I wanted to show off my knit  hat.
xxx to you, Hubby.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Our visitors have returned to the West Coast
and October has become November.
It was time to put away all the 
 - well, almost all the Halloween stuff and such. 

 Gotta love her grin.
She's just too dang cute to put out of view,
don't ya think.

# # # # # # # # # #

Please, don't walk through the leaves
: ^ )


 ♥    ♥    ♥  


  1. I'm glad to hear you had such a fun time with your family. I would love to share some banana split ice cream with you, yum!
    I think you hat is great and just perfect to keep your ears warm. We were 83 today and by Wednesday will be only 56!
    Saw all the lovly yarn you were stashing, I want to raid you stash ;)

    1. Tracey, if you ever see the Banana Split that Central Dairy serves you would know that four people could share. There are at least 6 scoops of ice cream, assorted syrups and toppings plus the most wonderful banana you've ever seen. It takes two hands to carry it! ! !

      Our Temps were see-sawing like that also. Now evening out, more or less in the low sixties and hi fifties. That Wind is what's getting into my bones. Well, that and my head 'cause of my short, short hair. :^)

      Oh, Tracey, don't even mention my stash - - - - - -


  2. Sounds like you've had a house full of fun lately, how wonderful! I really love the decrease for that hat, I love it when knitting techniques are both functional and decorative. I think Penelope should stick around for a little while longer, she still goes with the Fall colors.

    1. Family visits are Hoots ! ! ! ! Love every one of them

      I'm still amazed with knitting and all the wonderful patterns designers create. Well, that, and the wondrous yarns available. For me, via the Internet mostly

      How can I pack away Penelope whose grin makes me smile every time I glance at her. It was Hubby's suggestion for her 'grin'

      Perhaps closer to the Holidays I'll place her so see can see all the goings on but not be the center of attention lol

      hugs and stay warm

  3. Now I know why I didn't hear much from you last month. I didn't know #1 daughter was here. Glad you had a nice visit with several of the "kids". The hat is very nice. I'm sure you will find a place for Penelope to watch over things. Your personal photographer did a fantastic job.

    1. Our visits were chaos - every one loved every moment of it. Our new dil is a great fit into our family. We welcome her with open arms.
      Got to visit with each of our kids from oldest to youngest. Couldn't get any better.

      I'm mid-way into my second hat and from the looks of the forecast I'm right on schedule. I'm knitting with sparkly yarn this time 'round.

      Penelope would be placed in the sewing/dining room, but as you know not much action in either area ha ha ha ha

      Hubby always captures the best angle


  4. Busy, busy, busy. Ain't family great!!!!!
    love the hat. I absolutely adore penelope and think she should rule the house for a bit longer!!! Too cute!

    1. Oh Paula, Paula
      I'll let some else finish that verse

      Paula, our time together is ALWAYS way too short. We're always finding new things to see and to discuss. So much laughing, eating and enjoying mid-Missouri. Lots of drives into the country side looking at real estate. Gotta love these kids who are heading close to retirement age - WHOT ! !

      Penelope has become a member of our 'family'.


  5. Your hat looks so snuggly! It's definitely become hat season around here too :-)

    1. Gail, don't ya know it. That dang wind makes my ears feel frozen and my head C-0-L-D ! ! !!
      This little hat is going to cure that situation.
      I'll a couple more hats in the wings.

      Bundle up, gal, it's that time o' year in Chicagoland.


  6. Penelope should at least stay around for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.
    The spiral design in you stocking hat looks great. I makes your head spin. :-)

    1. Penelope is nothing if not Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving colors
      Plus, Betty, she has eyes and can see EVERYTHING ! ! ! How can I shut her away to store her ??? Yikes ! ! !

      Hmm, is the reason I'm so 'dizzy' because of this hat????


  7. It's too mean of you to rub visits to Central Dairy in the faces of those of us who can't get there. ;-) I guess John and I will have to stop when we're in JC around Thanksgiving.

    Love the hat. I am also a big fan of the swirl crown. My first blog post featured a hat with the same crown shaping, and I find myself picking patterns with it again and again.

    Be well and keep knitting, my friend.

    1. We love Central Dairy
      However ALL of our company wanted to go there EVERYDAY ! ! ! ! They were attempting to make up for all the months they weren't here visiting. My waistbands couldn't take many more visits. LOL LOL

      I find I like my hats to fit snug to my head and that swirl does just that.

      Great to hear from ya 'cause I know shortly you'll be surrounded by snow and swirling winds.



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