Thursday, November 8, 2012


The sound of my needle tips knitting these stitches that create something wonderfully 
cozy for this coming winter weather.

The beginning of another quick knit hat.

It's another Gnome Acres yarn
in the 
Under The Christmas Tree

Oh, yes, it's another hat for Gerry


♥     ♥    ♥


  1. Is Gerry a penguin? I'm new around these parts.

    1. Hi, Tina, welcome to my blog.
      I'm Gerry, and most know my knits mostly end up for me.
      Oh, I do gift during the year, but I do love what I knit.:^)
      I hope you find enough of interest to visit often and leave a comment now and again.
      Wait 'til you see the finished hat. It's going to keep my ears soooo warm this winter.

    2. Haha! Sorry! I have been lurking and loving all your work. I like knitting for myself, too. I wish I could crank out socks as quickly as you do.

    3. Knitting is my Passion right now, though I do love my sewing machine, also.
      Hubby is the recipient of my sox and he enjoys them.
      Right now there are three main projects that I'm working.
      A hooded Scarf for DD#2 that's been put on hold waaaay too long.
      A cardi, Abalone, that is in the Saffron colorway of Pashmina
      A pair of sox in a yarn That is New to Me
      What about you, what's on your needle?

    4. Apparently, I have a few too many sets of needles. I learned to knit just so I can make socks, but it has been difficult finding the right fit for me, so I do want to press on. When I write this out I look like a crazy woman!

      A pair of red and black (school colors) socks for my son (1st sock too tight, was frogged when I got to the toes, and now will likely be too loose) He keeps asking me about them.
      A lone fingerless mitt waiting for a mate for a charity auction
      A Coastal Knits fabulous sweater about 30% complete for me
      A scarf (RIverrun) for my mom
      a crocheted long sweater that just needs to have crochet motif embellishments sewn on
      A pocket gmome for my wool winter tree forest that mostly exists in my head
      Skeins and skeins of yarn crying for attention

    5. Tina, no crazier than my list of WIPs:

      Stealth Argyles sox for me
      Skyp sox for hubby
      Intagliata pullover for me
      Adrift sweater for me
      Abalone sweater for me
      Colorwork fingerless mitts for me
      Knit hat for me
      Eyelet sox for me
      Shawl for me
      Rosa Rubiginosa sox for me
      Autumn color fingerless mitts
      Tullalah Beaded Sox
      Random Leftover Yarn striped sox
      LOUD BRIGHT Spontaneous striped sox
      Pfeiffer Hooded Scarf for Daughter Debbie

      gotta love it
      I think that might cover it LOL

    6. haha! I wish I could meet you at Knit Night!

      A couple of weeks ago my husband took me to Asheville for a few days. It was just after SAFF. We stayed on a working sheep farm and visited at least 3 yarn shops. I tried to control myself, so I only got 4 skeins. 2 are already knit up into a cowl/shrug for me and the rest is a rust color mohair/wool local yarn that still doesn't have a definite pattern. It is bulky and I want to make another cowl/shrug for myself, but not the same pattern. Decisions, decisions.

  2. The yarn sparkles! That combined with the texture of the yarn...Gerry, you may have just persuaded me to buy some indie yarn for the first time. That hat will look so festive (but not too festive, I like the yellow mixed in)

    1. Yep! It sparkles. But not too much, just enough to catch your eye.
      This DK weight 75/20/5 Superfine SW Merino/Silk/Stellina
      provides stitch definition and is soft, soft, soft.

      When this yarn knit up it's more Autumn-like than Holiday. I love it all the more for it. has a great talent for color and has great service.

      Stay warm and give kitty a treat from me

  3. Ican see why you fell in love with this yarn. It's going to make a terrific hat.

    1. Love the sparkles, plus since it is a DK weight
      knits up in record time.


  4. I'm back in town. Beautiful colors of yarn. Love it!!

  5. You're a regular OTR-type gal
    Knit on!


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