Monday, July 9, 2012

Sew, what's new

at my house?  
Let me tell you all about it.

Yesterday morning I decided that I wanted a box bag large enough to hold all my yarn for my 
BlueBerry Vodka Lemonade Sweater.
So, went to the Stash -  -  -

and got busy

Even went so far as to get out my beads:

 Since I was already in full swing 
went to the Fat Quarter Stash
and came up with this drawstring project bag

opps, do you see
Franklin's Journey Shawl is peeking out the top?

This morning I went back to the Fat Quarter Stash
and picked these two fabrics:

Got this far along before lunch called my name.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yee-Haa ! !  !
Rain came a callin' yesterday and overnight! ! ! 
This morning our rain gauge showed
TWO INCHES ! ! ! ! ! 

Right now at two-thirty in the afternoon our
temp is 88°F
Now this is the Summer Time I've been lookin' for.


♥ ♥ ♥


  1. It must be nice to have a sewing machine :( Mine went to the hospital last Wednesday. Hopefully they will call tomorrow that it is well.
    Yes the rain was beautiful! So are the cooler temps!
    Got your pot holders made yet? I bought the thermal batting at Joann's. I'm pretty sure it was cheaper at Hobby Lobby.
    Love you bags, beads and all.
    Take care

    1. Hope all turns out okay for your machine. I love my sewing machines.
      Have NOT even started the Pot Holders, guess I'd better get moving.
      I love make them, in face, I have Insul-Brite leftover from a couple of other projects so no reason not to get 'em made.
      Stay cool, Patti.

  2. Love your cute bags--beads and all! Of course, the projects they contain are the bestest!

    1. Had to have a Project bag big enough to hold all that sweater yarn for the BlueBerry Vodka Lemonade. Besides, it's been a couple a few weeks since the last bags. Can't go too long in between. :*)

  3. Your project bags are sew cute for your knitting projects. Your embelishments make them so you.
    The cooler temps are a welcome relief, the rain was a blessing too.

    1. Those two inches of rain in our gauge means everything at least has had a bit of water. Some of the grass 'round town looks greener already.
      These bags make it easier to pop into my bag to take along whenever I leave the house. Every little bit of knitting I can get makes those projects turn into FOs.

  4. You just whipped those up? Gosh Gerry you can do it all! I would still be trying to piece them together and lets not even talk about the love/hate relationship I have with my sewing machine!
    So glad you are cooler and have rain, we are still waiting!
    Oh and I meant to tell you to come anytime for fresh figs, I have tons and you know you are welcome to anything I have. Funny, I have never eaten a dried one so now am curious to see how it compares.

    1. Oh, Tracey, you and I are on the opposite ends of the Fig Experience. Strange and Interesting.
      I love my sewing machines. And have been having tons of fun making Project Bags that I use for my knitting Projects. In the past six or so months I made at least three dozen, and have gifted most of them to friends and family.
      I have lots of Fat Quarters in my Stash. Though most of the remaining ones are my most favorite and those are the one I could never bring myself to cut into pieces. These box bags are the entire 18" x 22" of the Fat Quarters, I'm using them whole so I won't have to cut into them. Same thing with the most recent drawstring bags - that why the are somewhat awkward in size. But I sure love 'em.
      Two more are laid out for tomorrow morning and the next morning.

  5. Great bags. I'm surprised you have time to sew with the LE deadline looming. Yep, I saw FJ peeking out that new bag. I'm getting the sewing virus so you may see something from my sewing machine soon 8^)

      Sure happy to have those rolls of zippers in assorted sizes to I can make these bags any size I care to. Guess that's what STASH is all about.
      Not overly concerned with Camp Loopy's Project 2 deadline. Either I make it or I don't. However, I am attempting to knit that 800 yards in a first every cardi sweater in the allotted time. Fingers Crossed.

      I'm loving' this BLUE. You know what they say, "Awsomesauce! ! ! !"

  6. I heart box bags! I love how you embroidered your name on your project bag - very cool!

    1. Thanx, Gail.
      I've had these project bags on my radar for months and months.
      If I work on them in the mornings I seem to accomplish more.

  7. This reminds me of the pile of fabric I have sitting there in my craft room waiting for me to put together for project bags. Argggg Not enough time in the day and I can't seem to stop knitting. ;) As soon as the LE Camp is finished, I am so on it!! Or should I say - I am sew on it!!

    Very pretty bags and I love how you have your signature on them. Sew cute! Cheers, veelau

    1. veelau, I do hope your stack isn't as tall as mine :*)
      And, you are sew right about Project 2 and all ready gals are talking about #3. Gaaaad, can't think any further than the tips of my needle.

      I temporarily forgot about it on this third bag, but thought of a good remedy. Hope to work on it tomorrow.
      Today Hubby and I went to T.G.I Friday's for lunch. Now I'm too full to think straight.

      keep on knittin'

  8. Hi Gerry, I love the box bag, I'm dying to try my hand t making one once I get settled. I don't have anynthatnstyle yet!

    1. Hey, Denise, great to hear from you.
      I love making these box bags, as well as the drawstring bags.
      Finished the blue Floral last evening
      and made a new one this morning [Færie Motif] by far my FAV.
      Will post my most recent FO bags next time.

  9. love all the pink and purple! and the addition of the beads are so fun :)

    1. Jody, some of my favorite colors! Beads are so fun to play with
      and it makes it easier to grab that zipper tab.
      I'll be posting a few more bags soon.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. So glad that I happened upon your is a joy to read. I recognize your name from SSK. I didn't go, though. I'm thinking of going if I get chosen that is....take good care! Carolyn ... Woolly blue on Rav.

    1. So happy to see you here, Carolyn, and hope to come back often.
      Thanks for leaving your Rav name so I know who you are :^)


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