Saturday, July 14, 2012

Box Bag Bonanza ! ! !

Hello, Everyone,
how are you doing?
Hope all are doing well this past week and that you've had lots of time for relaxation midst  your summer activities.


Finished the Blue Floral Box Bag
a good-sized project bag for sox.
 zipper:  Sullivans  'MAKE-A-ZIPPER'  a 5½ yard roll + 12 zipper pulls 
purchased online at Create For Less

Then came my Færie Box Bag
just 'bout right size to hold a shawl project.
zipper:  double-ended sport zipper
which I cut to size, leaving another zip a couple of inches longer than the first for another box bag

a Pink Rose Floral Box Bag perfecto for any sized knitting project, 
just because  :^) I love this print!

zipper: 'Make-A-Zipper' on a roll comes in many colors - some in LOUD Brights

All made from STASH fabric, zippers and beads
so no need at all to shop.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Oh, you can bet, 
I've been knitting!
Progress on Blueberry Vodka Lemonade Sweater
as of Monday.

Lots of progress since -
but haven't taken time out from knitting to do photos.
Will attempt to get a good shot over the weekend.

Am also, working on my Franklin's Journey.
Once, again, I'm further along than this pic but added this one just 'cause I this colorway.

I have completed the shawl body portion and have begun the charcoal grey border.


Our temps have cooled - 
down to the 90s with low humidity.  
Feels dry.

It's mid-July, summer's in full swing.

Not certain how veggie gardens are fairing 
with our dry season, 
but there's certainly been enough sunshine!

Now that our temps have dropped from the 100s
Hubby and I will be having our coffee outside in the shade.
-~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~ -~
Hey, guys, have a great weekend and we'll talk again, soon.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment.
      I do have to agree with you. These are some of my very favorite Fat Quarters that I just did not want to cut into - - - now I have some Eye Candy bags to enjoy.
      Thank you, Gail, for visiting to leave an always-lovely comment. Love you for for doing so.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Very attractive and useful box bags! Love your blue yarn--can't wait to see it finished. Hugs!

    1. And, Anna Marie, It's ALL from STASH ! ! !

      When you see it I more than likely won't be modeling it. It's too dang hot this summer ! ! !

      Thank you for stopping by, your comments are dear to me.


  4. Your blue sweater is really coming along! I love that colorway. I also really love the shawl you just started on, fantastic as always! Stay cool : )

    1. Ivy, I've been knitting like a mad woman trying to finish the body so I can p/u the sleeves.
      Last night my eyes were crossed by the time I went to sleep.
      Camp Loopy keeps me busy, that's for certain.

  5. Your knitting is coming along very nicely. We my have to have a real Blueberry Vodka Lemonade beverage once you finish this project. Franklin is flying right along as well.

    1. You're right, Betty. A BVL sounds wonderful 'bout now.
      And Franklin is moving right along also.
      Love the Fibernymph Charcoal colorway for the border.

  6. Oh, BTW, I love all your box bags. Very Gerry like...

    1. bts, thanx for the compliments on my Box Bags, they're so much fun to create. Still very much in love with my sewing machines, Betty.
      Stay cool today.

  7. Your box bags are beautiful and the beaded zipper pull adds a very nice touch. You are making great progress on Blueberry Vodka lemonade. that pattern is on my to do list.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Beth. I guess you can tell I do love creating on my sewing machine as well as knitting.
      I will be knitting Vodka Lemonade again. Maybe we could do it together.

  8. I heart this blog something fierce. If you get bored with the faerie bag, let me know.....I have a mad crush on it and will send money to have it come live with me!!!! I promise to always keep it full of yarnie goodness.

    Big wet coast hug, veelau

    1. Veelau, how sweet you are! ! Your compliments makes me BLUSH :^)

      It's still rather warm, low humidity and NO RAIN ! ! !

      thanks, love you blog visits.


  9. Don't you love those box bags? I'm going to make more but not sure when. I really Love BVL; it's going to be fantastic when it's finished. And I just had to smile when I was FJ again. I bet that gray border will set it off. Great job on everything (as usual)

    1. Well, Dianna, your box bags are darling. I think you must enjoy using them for your projects as well.
      May plans are for another VL the Autumn. But first, must finish this first one.

      Thanks for the many, many compliments,sweet Friend.


  10. I love all of your bag boxes....just love them.

    1. Barb, I think our minds and loves fall in line with each other more times that not.
      You're always into something interesting, creating wonderful projects.
      Thanks for visiting, gal.

  11. Love the box bags!!!! Your blue sweater is so beautiful!!! You've made great progress on it. We're going to the Lake next week, and hope to find that yarn. Love the Franklin's Journey yarn!!!!!

    1. I do love both these yarns, their colors just hum ! ! !
      Can't make just one box bag !!!
      Enjoy your trip to the Lake.

  12. THANKS, EVERYBODY for such lovely compliments
    I ♥ all of you ! ! ! !



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