Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Knitting

Blueberry Vodka Lemonade Sweater
designed by Thea Colman/BabyCocktails

Here's the Seed Stitch collar of my sweater.

I've knit to the division of
fronts, sleeves and back
and am working away on it.

Keeping in mind that
July 27th is Camp Loopy Project 2 deadline,
I keep this as my primary project.


I am working on
 Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl
designed by Wendy D Johnson

Wendy is releasing each of the Clues for this mystery shawl once per week for four consecutive

I'm current with Clue A and Clue B

but, YIKES!!!!!

Wendy released Clue C late last night.
Hope I can keep up. 

^ v ^ v ^ v ^

Lots of summer knitting fun!

Yes,yes, I do have a second
Piper's Journey on the needle

using Gnome Acres sock yarn
in that gorgeous Franklin colorway.

Franklin's Journey is what I'm calling this PJ.

You'll see my progress next post. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
There's no doubt that
It's Summer Time here in mid-MO

The temps have been
over one hundred degrees F
for a week now
with no rain ! ! !

The heat has been tolerable since there is no humidity, AT ALL !!!

Drove with the car windows down while
we were out and about this week.

Love this kind of weather,
as long as I don't have to do
any physical labor in the sun.

Our daily routine is enhaced by the warmth of the sun.

X  X  X  X   X   X   X

Hey! I think I feel a giveaway coming on.

Whadda ya think?

-  -  -  -  -  -


♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I'm making a Thea Colman sweater right now too! Can't wait to see how yours turns out :-)

    AND this morning I ordered yarn for the Exeter sweater pattern you gave me! I'm super excited to make that one for fall! Thanks again <3

    1. Your Allegheny DRESS is GORGEOUS! ! !

      I'm enjoying this Thea Colman design
      also I'm loving her Charleston Tea hoodie

      stay cool, Gail


  2. Dang, I felt the recipe for a cool refreshing drink of Blueberry Vodka Lemonade coming on . . . and no I DO Not knit.

    Have a safe and cool 4th! We got 8/10 of an inch of rain last night. Praise the Lord!

    1. I'm with you, just the name of Blueberry conjures up images of icy cold glass on a hot, dry summer day. Hey, mid-MO just fits the bill.

      Oh, we got zero, nada, zilch precip here on the west side. Dry as a bone.

      You have a wonderful 4th, Patti.


  3. We have had pretty much the same weather here in the Midwest, but with humidity too. Hang in there! At least you have a sweater to work on in the most beautiful color EVER! I love the look of this mystery shawl so much, I may have to knit it someday.

    1. That Blue yarn is dee-lish, isn't it.
      However, even the thought of trying it on, is not exactly appealing
      But come this Fall and Winter it's going to be a yummy wear.

      Wendy's design is great! I love her knits, so delicate, so pleasing to the eye. Yet, she designs using simple, simple stitches. She's a genius.

      It's takes one skein of fingering weight yarn and a few nupps or beads or NOT Right now the pattern is only $2 on Rav until the end of the mystery kal - then it'll be six bucks.

      thanks for taking time this hot day to visit my blog


  4. Back from vacation (I went off grid for the entire two weeks!! Whoot hoot) and I love your projects. I just returned to rain from the desert of California where it was 106 every day. Back to the Pacific Northwet...yes, I did leave out the "s" on purpose. Oh, how I love the desert.

    Your WDJ mystery project looks wonderful...love the beads!

    Hugs, veelau

    1. Hey, veelau,
      the desert of California????? I grew up in the desert of California.
      My older brother lives in 29 Palms
      My youngest brother lives in the mountains just west of the desert not far from Big Bear. Small world.

      Here, right here, in our town the past week or so has been above the 100s and very dry - no humidity.

      I hear ya, about the Northwet - lots a Raverlers are commenting about the rain and 50-60 degree temps.

      Oh, yes, my younger brother lives just outside Seattle

      Beads, yep, I learned how to add those beads one by one. What a Hoot!

      Thanks for bringing memories of the desert
      love hearing from you.


    2. The Husband Unit and I own a wee casa in Desert Hot Springs. Its the complete opposite of the rain forest we live in the rest of the time. One day, we hope to be Snow Birds, but Mum says not to wish my life away, so I stay focused on the here and now. We visit our casa during the Non-Snow Bird seasons and rent it the rest of the time.

      I seriously need to start my Camp Loopy second project...I like to live on the edge and see how late I can push it.LOL

    3. Well, it is a small world.
      DHS is where I would claim as hone if I did that sort of thing.

      Moved there in second grade and lived there this high school. Some of those later years were divided between DHS and Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo.

      I hear that the town has changed a wee bit since last I visited.

      But the mountains and hills remain the same. Just add a little LA air and those nasty windmills.

      My Project was frogged a bit and am just now getting caught up to where I was - so will have to knit faster. Said my The Slow Knitter


  5. Love it all Gerry, especially the Wendy Johnson knit, Oh my gosh is it pretty!
    No humidity? Well I am very envious because there is nothing but heat and humidity here.
    I hope you have a lovely fourth tomorrow.
    Happy knitting.

    1. As I was telling Ivy/PumpkinSpins I think WDJ is a genius - to use simple stitches to create a lovely, lovely piece.

      Yes, Tracey, for once mid-MO has a dry heat. Sure hope it continues to be dry as our city has great celebration tonight and all day tomorrow climaxing in a huge fireworks display. The fireworks are shot off a barge in the middle of our Missouri River. All this takes place right 'round our Capitol Building. I love our beautiful Building. All Missourians should be very proud of it.

      Stay cool and love that Conroy novel. I've read Dorothea Benton Frank but not any of his novels. Maybe before too long I'll download this one to my NookColor.

      take care, move slow LOL


  6. I love the green beads with that shawl! I wouldn't have made such a bold move but I love it!

    1. Jody, I had the beads and decided this was a great opportunity to learn how to add beads one at a time. I love using the Super Floss to accomplish this technique.

      In addition, I think I may dye the Bare yarn if I can learn to mix dye colors to obtain a dusky green, say something like a desert sage.

      We'll see.

      Thanks for stopping by, gal.


    2. A dusky green would look great with those beads! Can't wait to see what you end up doing - and what those future clues look like.

  7. Just printed out Clue C
    will start that before tooooo very long 'cause Clue D, the last clue,
    comes out next week. And I don't want to fall behind.

    Jody, I know nothing about mixing one color with another to get that dusky green, going to be loads of trial and error.

    But will keep you posted.


  8. I absolutely love the color of blue you are working with. The Mystery Shawl looks really interesting. I can't imagine how it will finish.
    Happy 4th!

    1. The color name sez it all for me, AnnaMarie, "Heavenly".

      This WDJ Summer Solstice is amazing. Simple stitches transforms into a Gorgeous piece.

      Happy 4th to you, gal.


  9. BVL is lookin' good. WJ mystery shawl will be stunning if this portion is anything to go by. I have a feeling clue 3 will require more knitting (just a guess). Can't agree with you on this HOT weather. I know the humidity is less for the midwest but it's still HOT!!!

    1. Again, the pattern for BVL is quiet easy to knit. Construction is built in, so to speak.
      Would you believe that Summer Solstice Clue 3 is only Row 19 thru Row 29
      - no beads, no nupps - plus we begin decreases. I think it's doable for this week.

  10. I could do with one of those, the drink that is! lol - Rachael xo

  11. I'm with you Rachael, it's been hotter than Hades
    and 'fluids' are a must!!!!!
    the Knit Designer BabyCocktails just came out with
    a new pattern- Planter's Punch.

  12. Looking good!!!!! You continue to inspire me!

    1. PS I feel a "going to win a giveaway" so I'll be watching!


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