Friday, July 20, 2012

It's KAL Season ! ! !

Progress on my second Piper's Journey Shawl

This one goes by the name of Franklin's Journey

The body is GnomeAcres' sock yarn in the Franklin colorway
The border is Fibernymph's Charcoal colorway.

Last night I made it past the half-way mark on this fun, fun border.
It'll be a FO before too long.

This shawl is eligible for three kal's.
How much more fun could a gal ask for this Summer !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Camp Loopy Project 2 is finished 
but still needs to be 'soaked' and blocked before you get to see a finished photo.
That's the Blueberry Vodka Lemonade Sweater, just to jog your memory.

In the meantime, gals,
CL Project 3 begins on the 27th.
Here's my pick of yarn for the Project.

do we notice a shift in color preference???
blue !  ! !

Madelinetosh Pashmina
Sport / 5 ply
75% Merino, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere
360 yards / 100 grams

yahooooo!  what! ! !  silk - - cashmere
luxury if there every was ! ! ! 

Project 3 must use 500 yards, 
two colors, 
one project.

My MadTosh will be knit into
Sheldon and Leonard  by Wendy D. Johnson

Wendy describes her shawl:
"This sideways garter stitch wrap 
has short-row shaping 
and a lace edging 
that is worked as you knit the body. 
Short rows in the body 
give a gentle curve at the neck 
so the shawlette stays put when you wear it."

Sheldon and Leonard - ! Big Bang Theory !

* * * * * * * * * *
It's been a busy 
knitting and sewing
- - - 
my attempt to ignore the heat

Have worked on
one sweater
one shawl
three drawstring project bags
four box bags

this is for our Quilt Guild PotHolder Swap

! ! ! ! ! ! !

I'm sitting here at the computer talk with you gals and Hub's is waiting to take me to lunch
. . . . . .
talk with ya later



  1. I love gray and orange together like that, definitely one of my favorite color combinations! I also love the yarn! How do you find the time for all of these wonderful crafts?

    1. Ivy, I ♥♥♥ the Franklin Colorway ! ! ! !
      Each and every stitch I knit is so darn much fun! ! ! !
      Looking forward to wearing this baby in a couple of months.
      Great colors for Autumn, don't ya think?

      Thanx for stoppin' by.


  2. Beautiful yarn and color combo on that scarf. I especially like that deep charcoal border. Quite lovely. It'll make a nice pretty contrast to your white hair when you wear it. :-)

    1. Oh, Tami, you're so sweet.
      This Charcoal from
      is a great sock weight base to work with.
      80% superwash Merino, 20% nylon yarn, 400 yards, fingering weight., 6.5 - 8 stitches per inch on US 0-2.
      Lisa, the dyer is Fantastic. She has a wonderful way with color.

      The Franklin colorway is from GnomeAcres
      the is the first time using this dyer and yarn base
      • 75% Superwash Merino Wool / 25% Nylon
      • Fingering Sock Weight Yarn
      • 462 ± yards each (≈ 3.5oz / 100g)
      • ≈ 7-8 sts = 1" (#1-3 Needles)
      and I am loving it.

      Always love when you visit, Tami


  3. Wow! That potholder is super cool!

    1. Gail, I should have added that it will be quartered to make FOUR POTHOLDERS. I must quilt it before I cut into it.
      I'll do a spiral quilting beginning at the center of the piece.

      Thanx for visiting, love hearing your comments,


  4. I hope you had a great lunch out with Hubby!
    I am very excited to see your Lemonade sweater, I bet it looks stunning.
    I really do love seeing all the projects you create, each so lovely.
    I spent the day with the wee one and my daughter today, it was a great day.
    They are moving in about three weeks so I am soaking in all the family love, after that I am casting on an Annabel sweater as my 'I feel sorry for myself project' ;).

    1. Parting with loved ones is always hard. However, the memories from the visit :^)
      Blueberry Vodka Lemonade Sweater is posted on my Rav page. Will blog soon.
      thanks for stopping by for a lovely visit, Tracey

  5. Whenever I see what you're working on, I'm always so impressed by your yarn and color choices. I can't think of any other knitter who I admire who uses color the way you do!

    1. Evelyn, you're so sweet to say such a thing.
      I may even be blushing.
      I do love color. This Blueberry Cascade Everlasting DK [called Heavenly by Cascade] is such a gorgeous color. I help but love knitting with it.
      so very nice to have you stop by

  6. Love your shawl Gerry. Hope you had a nice lunch :). I've never joined in with CL, that's camp loopy right?

  7. Love your shawl Gerry. Hope you had a nice lunch :). I've never joined in with CL, that's camp loopy right?

    1. Yes, it is Camp Loopy, Denise.
      I first joined The Loopy Ewe's Camp Loopy last summer and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges to presented to me. Needless to say, my knitting horizon has expanded. Found I was able to accomplished much more than I ever imagined.
      Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to leave a comment or two.

  8. I can hardly wait to see BVL. Your second PJ is coming right along. You will have two finished before the deadline. Your new yarn for CL 3 is great. Potholder will be interesting once it's drawn & quartered 8^)

    1. I've posted my BVL on Rav Project page, Dianna, with Franklin's Journey coming on it's heels. FJ needs it's ends woven in and soaked and blocked.
      Potholders will be drawn and quarters during the coming week - right after it's be quilted.
      Hey, D, thanks for coming by and commenting, love hearing from ya.


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