Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Quick Visit

Not certain what this post should be titled.
Perhaps that'll come to be just before I publish.

I'm here to show you another one of my finished projects.
Knit in the total of six days.
Yikes, am I nuts???????

I love the feel of this yarn combo.
The red yarn is a blend of 55% Merino wool, 25% silk and 20% Nylon.
The White is a blend of Merino wool and nylon.
So, So,Soft.
Love it next to my skin.

* * * * * * * 

Rest assured that's almost the last shawl on my list of projects.
Maybe just one more shawlette/scraf with a heart pattern in time for Valentine's Day.
More on that a little later in the week.


Now a word about our weather.
Mild, almost balmy, sunny, warm
and not at all wintry.
Everyone is enjoying this
and waiting for the other shoe to drop
thinking perhaps 
Mother Nature
has some sort of surprize in the wings
just waiting to say, 'boo ! ! '
But 'til that happens
we're enjoying.
Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.
Spring-like thunder storms perhaps.
This rain is much needed since we've have only a measly 3 or so inches this season.


Thanks for the visit,
I love having you stop by.


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  


  1. I really do think you must have magic needles that you knit with and I want a pair! :)
    That is another very lovely shawl.
    I think I better give up the wish of snow this year. Shoot, I would just be happy with a little frost to get rid of some of these bugs!
    Happy Groundhog Day!

  2. This one looks like a Valentine too! Pretty!

  3. Love the REd, White and BLue!

    And where's that snow???????

  4. Weather is weird this year, no snow to speak of, just dang cold! You must have been in a hurry:) Looks great!

  5. Another beautiful shawl from your needles! I can see a sweater or such in your future. Hugs!

  6. I agree with Gail ... this should be your little Valentine to yourself.

  7. This is beautiful, Gerry! You're a machine! Hugs to you!

  8. You are amazing ... how fast do you knit, anyway? And if you'd like, I'll donate some of our snow. We had 6 inches overnight Thursday, and are expecting another 3 overnight tonight. Outside of Denver, they had 18-24' which is why we didn't head to our house in Colorado this weekend. Keep on knitting those shawls. I'll get brave enough for one soon.


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