Sunday, February 5, 2012

I've Been Dyeing To Do This

You may remember my yarn-dyeing ventures.

 First there was Kool-aid dyeing.
Then Wilton's Cake Icing Dye.

Since then I've been entertaining the idea of using 'real' dye;  
i.e., acid dye

Kool-aid and cake icing dyes aren't exactly 'real dyeing'
Their color-fastness is not exactly of an archival type.

This past week The Garden Bell blog 
has gotten me off the fence and into the fun of dyeing.

Take a look at Kate's blog
and here
and here

How inspiring Kate's yarn can be.

She graciously responded to my query re: dye

here I am posting my first adventure with acid dye.

I purchased six colors to work with 
as well as a dye pot.
Yep, was able to find the kitchen department in our local Wal-Mart 
to find just the right stainless steel pot.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First, I soaked by Knit Picks Bare yarn, but not before adding several additional ties to keep the yarn skein from tangling during the dye process.

I used inch-wide fabric stripes wrapped several times 'round so that it covered that area very tightly so the dye would not penetrate that area.

After a very long soak the yarn was ready
and so was I.

 I assembled my measuring spoon, a cup of hot water and a stirring utensil which is real life is a spatula.

And put my yarn on to dye

The pot/yarn was left on the heat 'til the water cleared of dye.

After the water cleared of dye
and after rinsing out the excess dye from the yarn
and after it dried.
Here's my first skein of acid dyed yarn.

Once it was wound into a 'cake' it looks this.

and this

Just wanted to share this with ya.


Now to cast on for the Knit-A-Long
with Knitabulls Podcast
Her podcast name reflects two of her loves
and bulldogs
Diane's podcast is a hoot to watch.
If you have a few minutes, I invite you to view her most recent podcast.

I'm knitting with this KAL

This Valentine Scarf will be the project I'll be knitting.



♥  ♥  ♥


  1. Dying your own yarn had to be a fun project. What will be your next color?

    1. Not certain what color is next, Betty.
      I've got the six dyes I bought.
      We'll see.

  2. Wow your dye job turned out beautiful. Love the this color it is beautiful.
    Glad you finally got to try this and now you can really go to town dying. lol
    Have a wonderful week

  3. OH, my. You move so fast. I just posting mine. What fun to do this together. I have to find an old pan at the G.W. next time to try it your way. Or maybe a reject crockpot I've heard will work too. Love you colors. Hope you are happy with the Dharma Dye. I hope to cake mine up tomorrow morning and post. I will link back to this one and your way. Great job posting. Can't wait to see what your are going to Yes, I'm already thinking about my next batch and being more pastel-ie for spring. I know it's addictive, isn't it.

  4. Hey, I just noticed the Dhrama sheet of colors. I don't have one I need to go get one.....

  5. Looks like lots of fun and something I have been "dyeing" to try too.
    From some previous posts - the cows must have been a sight.
    You sure are beautiful and have the loveliest colour hair!

  6. Sounds like fun dyeing your own colours/patterns instead of buying what is on offer in the shops. Will keep an eye out for the finished valentine scarf. It looks very complicated to me!

    1. Thanks for visiting and Commenting.
      Always enjoy having someone new visit.
      Hope you return to see my progress on the Valentine Scarf

  7. I have got to try this! I also noticed that you are using your stove! ;)
    I have a catalog right here so off I go to place an order since I love how your yarn came out!

    1. Tracey, I'll use that stove so long as it does not require food. lol

  8. Cool! I used to do this with my BFF when I lived in St. Louis! Fun times!

    1. When did you live in St. Louis?
      We've been in mid-MO for about twenty-five years

  9. Yarn tie dying! Have fun with your new 'toy' Gerry:)

  10. Looks like your venture into acid dyeing was a huge success. Thanks for sharing the process. Not as intimidating as I thought.

  11. I love the colors you chose for your first dyeing experiment. Beautiful!! Did you have to do anything else to the yarn to make the dye permanent, or is the heat enough?

  12. Thanks for documenting your "dyeing" process. The pictures are great. I can't wait to see the Valentine Scarf.

  13. Amazing! This is an area that I'm just not ready to venture...but I'm so in awe of those of you who do! Love the colors!


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