Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cow Report and a new Finished Project

Happy to say The Farmer came to re-claim his herd.

It was after six o'clock and pitch black out before they began to arrive.  Pick up truck after pick up truck.

In all, there must have been five or six trucks so there was plenty of help.

All the while Neighbor Nick had stood guard so those wandering cows wouldn't escape the backyard to scatter all over the neighborhood.
Nick there with cell in hand,
them, glaring at him for their confinement.

The Farmer and helpers set up a pipe rail fence across the backyard entry from Nick's garage to our fence.
They, then, proceeded to construct a chute from the backyard to a hastily built coral on Nick's driveway.

Those errant cows were kept in the make-shift coral until all were taken two-by-two back to the farm.

It was past eight o'clock before the last of them left.

How ya gonna keep 'em on the farm
once they've seen - - - - -



taaa-daaaa ! ! ! ! ! 

Veera Välimäki

all 765 yards of silky goodness.

Didn't Hubby get a good pic of this shawl?

I think this is going to be worn alot ! ! ! 


Onward to my next knit project.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Yes, Ronald did take a good picture of you latest shawl. Beautiful...

  2. I love the striped shawl and have been marvelling at how many knits you've already produced this year! I'm a big fan of bright red and it looks great with the grey.

  3. Oh my, that shawl is beyond gorgeous!! And thanks for the Cow News!

  4. Now you know I love all your your knits Gerry, especially the socks, but oh my that is just the prettiest ever! You are amazing!

  5. Glad the cows made it safely home. Fab shawl. Love the Red and Grey together.

  6. Lovely shawl, and I especially liked the cow story. Now that must have been fun. I would love to have seen a photo of that adventure. Take care,

  7. The shawl looks teriffic in Ron's photo. It really looks great with your beautiful hair. Guess Nick got to keep all fertilizer for his time and trouble 8^)

  8. Another beautiful finished shawl!
    Glad that the cows were calm through all the commotion. And, you had a ringside seat for all of it!

  9. You've brought back my happy memories of living in the country with that post. Oh, I miss it! Beautiful shawl!

  10. Happy cows make great milk...or is it cheese? Glad they all got home ok. So who had to clean up the cowpies? Free fertilizer, right? I like the larger shawl, looks warm:)


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