Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things in Three's

Three things I've been working on.

 Malka blogged Friday on her blog, a stitch in dye, that she was going to share her tutorial for her great looking table topper.
I jumped at the chance especially when she told us that 
was going to bundle the topper's fabrics.
Friday afternoon I ordered my Kaleidoscope Bundle and, eegads, they arrived Tuesday afternoon.

I've begun cutting my triangles this afternoon.

These are the fabrics we're going to use.

Kinda Mod-ish don't ya think?


Now, for the last time
my Knitted Vintage Hand Towel.
Bought a button, sewed it on, and here it is
in all it's vintage glory.
What a loverly addition!

And now for the FIRST time - - - - -
taaa-daaaa ! ! ! 
insert drum roll here

Six sox on one sixty-inch circular needle
using Merino superwash wool
and cake icing dye.

The white pair in the middle is the yarn's original state,

I L♥VE the Green

The White is sooo sexy

The Pink, oh, the Pink makes my sing ! ! ! 

That is six sox, THREE PAIR AT ONE TIME ! ! ! ! 



  1. Oh my gosh, Gerry, you are 'pushing the envelope' with six socks on one needle! Your hand towel is attractive.

  2. I love the orange polka dot material you are using in your table topper. Pink has always been a favorite color [that's why I have pink appliances], but the older I get I find myself leaning towards orange. Well, I can wear pink in the winter when my skin is lilly white and orange in the summer when I have a tan. Ok now that that is settled on to ...six socks at one time?! Holy Moly...your are my knitting sock queen. That is just amazing Gerry.
    Have fun.

  3. Gerry - there is room for one more pair on those needles (you know what I am saying).

    Hugs - Marie

  4. 60's flahsback!!! Groovy fabric. Where are the white go go boots and hot pants? I'm disappointed, only 6 socks; I thought you said 6 pair (just kidding). Very cool oh Queen of Sox. Nice button for your towel.

  5. I love that pattern by Malka Dubrawsky! So gorgeous in Marmalade! One day one day I will quilt something again.

  6. I had to pick myself up off the floor after seeing your socks on ONE needle!!!! You are THE WOMAN!!! I shall bow to you next time we meet. wow!!!!


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