Saturday, January 28, 2012

. . . . 'til the cows come home

This was what we saw in our neighbor Nick's backyard when we came home this afternoon.

While we do live on the edge of our city,
we aren't exactly out in the country.

Nearest farm must be a mile or so away.
These guys had to travel a well-travel road to get to our neighborhood.
Nick phoned 911 before we got home
and was told Animal Control would be notified
[at least two hours ago]
and still no one has come to coral these guys.

There are ten of 'em.

Oh, Great!  Now that it's pitch black outside someone's come to collect 'em.


Here's what happens when some blogger asked the question, 
"Have you ever attempt to photo yourself for your blog?"
I thought I'd give it a try while
modeling my newly-knit shawlette.

Love the highlights on my glasses.


My conclusion:  it ain't easy.

Good thing I've got Hubby to get it right!!



  1. I love the cows! I wonder what made them go on their adventure?

    Pretty new shawlette! The colors are very wintery!

  2. Self portrait is adorable!!
    It's a shame the cows left, free beef would be a good thing!

  3. Oh lordy, cows next door. Yes, taking a picture of yourself can be quite the challenge. Thank goodness for the hubbies. It's great to see ya, though. Keep us posted on the cows.

  4. At first I thought hubby had a new hobbie. What a shock to see cattle in the neighbors yard! May make you want to go to a zoning meeting now and then. It's really amazing they made it safely to your neighborhood. Love that new shawlette. The only thing missing from your pic is your beautiful smile.

  5. Just send those beautiful cows way!
    I love seeing you Gerry! The shawlette is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you!
    Have a super day!

  6. I met you ages ago in blog land....but feel as though I'm just now seeing you. Love your picture, your shawl and your postings of your day-to-day goings on.

  7. Where's the beef! I bet these cattle heard about all your shawls and wanted to get a look at you wearing one. The model makes the shawl even more beautiful. I was surprised with the color of this one, you ventured away from the brights.

  8. So that's where the beef was at ! !LOL ! ! ! ! AND what did you have for dinner that nite ! ? !

  9. I wonder what made those cows decide to wander so far from home?

    Love the photo of you. You look beautiful!


  10. Nice looking cattle--lots of good steaks there.
    Love your picture. Your lovely shawlette matches your sparkling eyes!

  11. So, did they jump the fence to get in there? I can only imagine the thoughts running through a cows mind while in the city:) I think you did a great self pic!

  12. I love your self-portrait ... but then again, you can't possibly take a bad picture! ; )


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