Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's in the Bag

It's the Pink pair of
'six on a stock' trio.

I wimped out and am finishing the one pair at a time.
I tried taking them along in the car so that I could knit a bit while waiting for dr appts, etc., etc.
Found that it was too cumbersome to take to Knit-In-Public.
So am making some progress one-pair-at-a-time.

The Pink Sock is my take-along knitting this week.
I keep it in the drawing string bag I made from the goodie fabrics I won on
Chris' blog giveaway.
Such a generous giveaway it was.
More about it in a later post.

On the same topic of six-on-a stick socks
I've finished the Green pair

They haven't been blocked just put them on the blockers 
to show them off.
I l♥ve the way my dye job came out.



  1. Those lime green socks are just the cats meow...the dogs bark....the owls hoot...

  2. If I see those socks in front of me at the check out lane in Wal-mart, I will yell at you!

  3. Just WoW! They look great and your dye job looks so good. I have got to practice more so my knitting will look as lovely!

  4. Love the color of all of these but the green are really cool! :)


  5. Awesome!!!! you must share how to make a drawstring bag. I'm ready to tackle my sewing machine again!!!

  6. Those green socks are so bright I need my shades. The pink ones will be done soon.


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