Monday, July 4, 2011

An FO [Finished Object] & what's on my needle

I finished my shawl
and posted it to The Loopy Ewe website
prior to the deadline!!!!

You can read all about Camp Loopy on Sheri's blog.

I put my finished les Abeilles to soak 
and then  
with the help of a trio of Hubby's ham radio antennas
that I used as blocking wires
I was able to block it like crazy - stretching it like crazy so that the lacy pattern was shown off to it's very best.

Since then I've bought blocking wires from InSpinKnity
 I heard about on them on

The fiberphile Tree Peony and The Loopy Ewe Solid Brick
couldn't have matched any better if I had know what I was picking.

Both yarns were easy to knit with and feel wonderful after a soak and blocking.
Come on Cold Weather.

since this shawl was a pretty easy knit
I'm giving it another try.
I using yarn that first begun it's life knitted as Pointelle
- - - you may remember Pointelle - - -
the dreaded sox from Hades 
until, of course, I MASTERED THEM ! !! !    

The yarn is Jojoland in Melody 100% superwash wool.

This shawl is in a triangle shape,
as you can see in the finished one above.
This photo shows the first part -
the lace edge portion just completed.
The center, pointy part of the shawl is at the center of my needle.
The two short ends at the left side and right side
are part of the long side of the triangle
- the neck edge.

Thus, 242 stitches are cast on
for the lace edge.
When the lace edge is complete the stitches have been decreased
to 168 stitches.  
The decreases provide the shaping for the V of the shawl.

The picot-looking edging along the top [long] edge
is knit right along with the body of the shawl.
The picot-looking edging - V below V - 
will continue across the neck edge to meet in the center.

I'll try to remember to take photos along the way
showing the effect the decreases
make to form the remainder of the triangle shape.

Nutz, a picture is worth a thousands words.
I'll post pics.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

With that, I'll want to wish everyone
Happy 4th of July !



  1. So glad you are back Gerry, I've missed you! Happy 4th to you too.
    Your shawl is beautiful!

  2. Gerry, your scarf is devine! Thanks for the photos detailing the construction, esp the one showing the edge close up.

  3. Keep it up snd you can join our shawl ministry! Absolutely divine!

  4. Your shawl is beautiful. You are burning up those knitting needles girl.

  5. Another one!!! Oh boy, you are addicted for sure. It really is lovely and as you said, the colors compliment each other perfectly. The new one is looking good too.

  6. Gerry, that shawl is bee-you-tee-full!!!!! Can't wait to see the new one - such soft colors!


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