Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vesper Yarn

Learned about this yarn while following
video podcasts.

I believe they have influence over me.

Just found them last month and have been watching their current episodes
while catching up on their past video casts
one a night.  

So, about this yarn.
Saw these on The Knit Girllls and, of course,
had to have some.

I'm going to knit them toe-up
with an afterthought heel
- this will be my first attempt at them,
however, watching Leslie's tutorial I know I can do. . . 
well, she makes it look easy.
Her video is excellent!
One more thing with these sox,
I am going to knit them in stockinette stitch.
I've not knit an entire sock this way before.
Will have to pay attention to the fit.

Now, who dyed these great colors?
These are Vesper Sock yarn
100% Superwash Merino wool
Self-striping of course.
Dyed by Julia Vesper
Knitterly Things

I can't get these on my needle fast enough.


♥ ♥ ♥


  1. 3 days. You can get them done in 3 days when there isn't a pattern. Good luck with the after thought heel. Mabye you will need and extra day for it.

  2. changed settings. see if it's working now.

  3. He, he, he, he I'm starting to think you're developing a sock fetish but it won't stop me from returning to see the next finished pair and oohing and aahing as my eldest daughter is the family knitter :D!

  4. Lovely yarn. I have had the second of a pair of socks on my needles for sooo long now - I have no idea how I did them. Yours look scrumptious :)

  5. I was JUST thinking of you today and thinking that I needed to check you out and see what cleverness you've been up to...and I log in and find a comment from you! Great minds! Looks like you've been uber busy! My hubby was asking the other day when I'll be making him a pair of socks...made me think of you...the sock master! I'm not that brave...yet. Take care and stay cool! x&o, Annette

  6. Love the yarn! You have such good taste.

  7. How fun you are to keep up with. hahaha I too think you might have a sock fetish.....
    These colors are beautiful and I love your remark about can't get them on your needle fast enough.
    Wish I were gifted like you


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