Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kaleidoscope Table Topper - - - - - so far

This topper is fun ! ! ! ! 
Sure happy that I decided to go along with Malka's tutorial
to buy the kit from MarmaladeFabrics.

We all know that the cut pieces on the design wall look bigger 
than what all these pieces look like when they're sewn together.
Here's a pic of my topper in just the beginning stages of construction.

The corner pieces at the bottom are a bit wider than
the partially sewn top sections.

It always amazes me how much of a size difference there is
between the original layout on my design wall 
and the final project.

Hey, the top is finished and ready for batt and quilting ! ! ! !

I tried my darnedest to keep the centers of each kaleidoscope as much on point as possible.

I'm happy with them
. . . . . . it's a table topper, after all.

Here's the very center.

And, I know we all want to see the back side
of a piece
so - - - - - - - -  

Malka suggested that the pinwheel sections be pressed in one direction.
The bulk at the very centers is very manageable and lays flat.

I continued using this construction method when sewing the sections together and find that the centers will be really flat when I sit down to quilt this baby.

I'm so pleased with this table topper project! ! ! 

#  #  #  #  #  #

We've all been asking,
 "When is Spring coming?  We're tired of this cold weather."
Well, it's here in mid-MO.  
Yesterday temp was 90+ degrees F ! ! ! ! ! 
Today it's a bit milder - - -  at 80+ ! ! ! 

Boy, oh, boy, I don't want to have to turn on the AC.


Do you all sign up for Malka's and MarmaladeFabric's 
wonderful giveaway?
I think there's still time.


  1. Beautiful!!! and so colorful!!!

  2. Gerry, that table topper is so vibrant and fun... I can't wait to see it once it's all quilted! Great job, my friend!!!



  3. It looks just great--and a lot of hard work. It will be very pretty on your table.
    Hot here too and I refuse to turn the ac on no matter how much everyone in this house complains. It's good for the body to sweat alittle! [at least that is what I keep telling myself-I detest being hot].
    Have a great week dear Gerry!
    PS How are those socks coming?

  4. Great job, as usual. My AC went on two nights ago at bedtime. We toughed it out all day but had to sleep. It's off now since it's only 60 again.

  5. Gerry - it's absolutely 'delishious' and 'fantabulous'. In other words, I love it. I can't believe those points - great job!

    Hugs - Marie

    No AC yet, but supposed to be 90+ here today.

  6. You all are sooooooooo making me want to take back up quilting today. Beauuuuuutiful....

    Sorry, I've been soooooo relaxed poolside on this trip. Don't want to miss one part of being outside after the long winter.

    Should get back to normal next week when back home.

  7. Gerry,

    I was thrilled to find your comment today! Thank you for taking the time! I see a love of fabrics and colors over here in your world! Just gorgeous. You are multi-talented, delving into this and that! Isn't being creative the BEST? I see you were once a So. Californian. Me too! I'm from the Burbank area...moved to VA almost 7 years ago...up until then had never lived anyplace but So Cal. Absolutely LOVE the change of seasons and the lack of name a few things. Hope you're having a great Tuesday! Hugs to you too! Annette

  8. Gerry,
    I LOVE the burnt red color you used in the topper. It's great as a contrasting color. Very cool! Thanks for giving a shout out to my store, too!! -Tammy

  9. I love the combination of prints and solids. Never tried a pinwheel...the dreaded matching of points! Don't think mine would match as well as yours. I'm very jealous of your weather. Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada the snow is almost gone, the backyard is a wet disaster and with the windchill it was -2F.....enough said.

  10. Wowzers - your piecing is amazing - I am in awe! I love the circular quilting too!

    Warm wishes! Vikki :-)


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