Monday, April 4, 2011

Updates to yesterday's post

The edge around yesterday's D4P border left much to be desired
if a satin stitch was the intent.
As I mentioned, my Viking Lily 555 has a dedicated Satin Stitch.
My Bernina 440 does not.

However, after consulting a not very clear or concise Bernina Instruction Book
I was able to do this lovely Satin Stitch this morning by shortening the length of the zig-zag stitch.

Here's my first attempt at Satin Stitch with my 440.

The design of these letters is taken from an
Amy Bradley design.
I cut the letters out last night and
Satin Stitched this far this morning before we went out for lunch.

I'll finish the last couple in a bit.

@ $ @ $ @ $ @ $ @ $ @ $ @ 

I noticed yesterday after I posted that the color on the front side of the D4P was off,
but let it pass.
however, some one [you know who you are] mentioned the color.
So here it is as it should have been posted yesterday.

I hope this appears closer to the original color.
However, the zig-zagged edges still aren't satin stitch.


After yesterday afternoon's high temp of 93 degrees F
the difference between it and
today's temp of 42 degrees F 
Every one I encountered while out and about today
were commenting 
" - - - it's sooooo cold ! - - - -"

Spring is still out there some where, but where ??????

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  1. Your satin stitching looks perfect! Boy, I thought our 20 degree difference was a lot but yours definitely has our beat!

  2. Wasn't me - I was behaving yesterday. I thought they looked good to me. Windy and 70 here today AND LOTS OF POLLEN.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Looks good, but where did you go for lunch?
    My son has a friend that opened Denise's diner in Holt Summit. Good food! check it out. They have a facebook page too. Saturday night the special was Prime rib, king cut $14, ladies cut was smaller and cheaper, but I went for fried chicken and smoked pork chops on the buffet.

  4. It's here [spring]! It also brought with it lots of pollen and this morning a very loud thunderstorm that has made my power go on and off. I refuse to reset another clock until this is over!

  5. Thanks for posting another pic. It looks much better than the first one. I don't care if everyone knows "I'm the one". SS look good too. Wouldn't think they would vary so much from one brand to another, wouldya?

  6. Beautiful handiwork! We are having the same kind of weather...85 a couple days ago, now cold and raining! :)


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