Thursday, April 14, 2011

'round & 'round I go

I went 'round this topper at least a thousands turns,
or so it seems.
Used almost two bobbins worth of thread.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here it is squared 
and now ready to cut the binding
looks like it'll give it a little zing

I used a bobbin thread close to the color of the binding.

# # # # # # 

Last night those pesky GOLDENROD sox had my attention long enough to add a couple more row.
Those in addition to the row I finished the night before there is definite progress - that can be seen.
Okay, I post a photo next time.



  1. Wow! The stitching on this really makes it POP!! This is some exciting needlework. It was fun to hear from you again. You have been busy!

  2. Love the quilting on the table topper. Looks like my work (LOL).

    And now a note from the 'infamous' goldenrod!

    "Finally, she remembered I was down here struggling to be nice to all those other colors she kept working on instead of me. It's not my fault she doesn't like me as well as some of the pretty multicolor ones - after all she bought me. I was just beginning to think of how to get her attention, when lo and behold, she reached down for me and actually worked with me for a short time. I was very well behaved, but alas, after a short time - she still put me back down. But now, I'm not quite so distressed - I know she has not forgotten about me. I will just lie here waiting for her whim to kick in - maybe someday. . . "

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Ooooooooo, I love love love circles on quilts. Good job!!!

  4. That's a great looking topper! Wow, two bobbins worth of thread for such a small area. Don't you just love the texture a heavily quilted piece gets? :-)

  5. Very nice work and it looks like something that I could do since I'm not so good at freemotion yet.

  6. It looks so nice! A question from a non-seamstress---how do you keep the circles evenly apart as you go around?
    Hope you are safe today!

  7. Wow, Gerry, that quilting is awesome! I'd probably get dizzy and fall off of my chair if I quilted in a circle...I have enough trouble just going in straight lines! LOL!!!



  8. The circles compliment the angles. Great job.

  9. oh it's coming along isn't it? Malka would indeed be proud! way to go Gerry!

  10. Such gorgeous work, Gerry. That stitching is amazing! You are a patient soul...that's a lot of rounds! Hope your weekend is going well! P.S....Love the perspective of the Goldenrod above...too cute! Annette

  11. I really like this table topper. I may have to try and make one. The quilting looks great.