Monday, April 18, 2011

Kaleidoscope Table Topper

You've read all the hoop-la going 'round blogland.  
WHY NOT SEW?  is handing us opportunity of win some of Denyse Schmidt's fabric.
It's a Charm Pack that'll go pretty good in my new re-stashing program! ! !  
So, I think I should warn you I just may win this one! ! !    
But go ahead take a peek at WHY NOT SEW?

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~   ~

Laundered the Kaleidoscope Table Topper

The reverse really shows the quilting
good thing I used Teal colored thread
so now I can use either side.

Look how rippled it is, isn't this the most fun!

#  * # *  # * #

Here's what Deb and I accomplished on our Sew Day.
Used up ALL OUR GO! CUT 6.5" TUMBLERs ! ! ! 
There were only two tumbler pieces remaining when we finished the afternoon.
Those we tossed ala Eleanor Burns.

These two are awaiting to be sandwiched, then free-motion? quilted.  
These will be gifted to some one  .  .  .  .  
Two more runners/toppers need borders then we worry about quilting.

All-in-all we ended up with four table toppers, not too bad for an afternoon's fun. 


I'm enjoying the eMags from Interweave 
that I've download onto my NookColor.  
I was able to purchase a 75 minute demo by Lyric Kinard on surface embellishment for a dime
and a 45 minute demo on dyeing by Malka Dubrawski for another dime.  
That's two hours of demos for twenty cents.  Best bargain I've gotten in ages.
Lots of inspiration! ! ! ! 



  1. your table topper looks amazing all crinkled up after washing. I love that look. it's so warm and real!

  2. Gerry, seeing what you have done makes me want to sew! You need to come to SC and hang out...maybe I can learn just by being near you since I always end up disappointed when I attempt sewing.
    The table top looks fantastic! You did such a great job on it.
    Hope you day is a good one[85 and sunny here today].

  3. You and #2 can sure turn out the projects. All look fab. Great quilting.

  4. Your table topper is beautiful. I love the circular quilting you did!

  5. Not bad girlfriend - not bad at all - in fact, you 'did good'. Love the quilting. Can't visit now - got charm packs to win.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. Lovely work!! By the way, I might just win that giveaway (for once). Cool material on the other site you led me to.

  7. Wow this is really pretty and very colorful.
    Sending you lots of hugs and love too my friend.
    Hope you and yours have the best Easter possible
    Love ya

  8. Hi Gerry...I wish I knew more about quilting..but I do have new neighbor is a "fabric Artist" . I assume that is the same thing as a quilter...and I feel I will be learning a little more about this wonderful art in the future.

    Stay well,


  9. What wonderful quilting -- makes me wish I could quilt. But instead I cross-stitch and KNIT! Speaking of knitting, please email me the info on the Interweave downloads. I just got a tablet and downloaded Nook software, so I need to expand my horizons! I miss the Panera group!
    Joanna from Cheyenne (JoannaP on Ravelry)


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