Monday, March 28, 2011

Fancy Threads

Our group [a sub group of our local quilt guild] consisting of about a dozen 
- all interesting in creating art quilts - 
have decided to refer to our group as FANCY THREADS.
Of course, we could decide to change this name at a moment's notice.

Yesterday was our monthly workshop.

After hauling what seemed like my entire sewing room up to the second floor of our local library
where we have been fortunate to reserve a meeting room large enough for our group
- and, before you ask, there is a elevator that we use - it still feels like I am a pack mule -
we assembled tables and chairs and got our machines set up, then settled down for some serious postcard play.

Here are the two postcards I completed yesterday afternoon.
My very first and second.

These images have been lurking on my harddrive FOREVER.
And now I am so pleased to have used them on my first-ever attempt at postcards.

Susan made certain we had the proper postal measurements so if we care to, they can be sent through the mails as postcards.

There were five of us yesterday and I believe each of us completed at least two postcards and considered this feat pretty darn good for novices.

I used WordPerfect to create the postcard address side.
And, for the very first time fixed a plain piece of fabric adhered to freezer paper to run through my printer.
Luck was with me.  No paper jams.
But let me tell you I did make certain the the leading edge of each sheet was firmly adhered and that all stray threads were trimmed away.

I heat set the ink by pressing with a hot iron.

- - -

I have a couple more cards ready to work on this afternoon.
Boy, make one then it's on to two, three, four and more.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

While going through Google Reader catching up on my blogging reading
I found a really great tip 
from Bonnie K. Hunter's blog regarding Half-Square-Triangles.

I've already made up templates for both daughters and myself.

#   #   #   #   *   #   #   #   #

Spring time, the real Spring time, is getting closer and closer.



  1. Beautiful postcards. They are too pretty to trust to the USPS -- Hand Stamp Only!!! Will check out the triangle site next. Thanks.

  2. Great cards. To pretty to part with I'm sure.

  3. I love the pictures on the postcards---so riskay (is that how you spell it?). Your group sounds like a lot of fun; well, except for the pack mule stuff.
    PS. Cold here today 48 degrees and rainy. I feel like I am about to freeze to death after the 80's we have had.

  4. Your postcards are so pretty and colorful. They truly reflect your creative spirit.

  5. Gerry - I love the post cards - need to frame not mail - far too pretty.

    I'm jealous, I want to join your Fancy Threads group. No one around here likes to play with the things I like to play with. How can I join you without driving to MO every week or so. I'm not sure you would want my company that often.

    Hugs - Marie

  6. I love your postcards. I've made a few, I even have a book with fabric postcards if you want to borror it.

    Sometimes it works for me to iron fabric to freezer paper for the printer too. I just have to hold my mouth right.

    ~ ~ ~ ~Waiting for snow!

  7. These are really lovely post cards, very colourful , great work !


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