Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Time here in mid-MO

I'm hoping these won't be necessary this time.
Farmers' Almanac states 'significant amount of snow' ca 25-27th.
Some folks even quoted amounts up to thirty inches.
What do I know - I grew up out west.

Driving home from the Mall.
Temp sign at the bank at the Mall = 29 degrees F 

So far it's not sticking to the streets or walks.
Wonder whether the daffodils and tulips will look like after this.

However, the bushes are another matter.
Late snow had them bending to the ground.

We filled the bird feeder late yesterday afternoon.
Looks like they fellows are having a late lunch.

Postponed a trip to Hobby Lobby for a ball of Sugar 'n Cream to use in my vintage hand towel

After all, it's not like I don't have any thing else to work on.

Spring time hugs


  1. Oh Gerry, Snow! It's too late now, I do not want it. I have my whole garden planted and I think I would cry if it snowed. My husband, Mike, even made me a strawberry garden!
    What is that you are working on in the last picture? I love the green.
    Stay warm and safe.

  2. Love the "snow" pictures. Everything is sparkling once again. Your hand towel is looking good!

  3. Love the hand towel!!! But I would have thought pink!!!!!

  4. Gerry - this is Goldenrod calling you - aren't you feeling just the slightest bit guilty for ignoring me for so long. I see you've been playing with all my friends while I lay here in this basket neglected and forsaken. If only you knew what it was like to be passed over continuously - what do those other colors have that I don't?

    Hugs - Goldenrod

  5. We are having snow right now too...pooey!

  6. Our poor little flowers are frozen and drooping from the snow. So glad to see sun today. You've made great progress on the towel. it looks great.


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