Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worked, Working, Work

That's me alright.
Busy, Occupied, Industrious 
snicker, snicker

on this this morning.
These Chisel pieces were upholstery samples
that we cut with our GO! chisel die.
I was playing to see what design could be made
aside from the obvious saw-tooth picket fence.

I'm satisfied with the results. 
Now,  what to do with it.
Pillow top?

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Second, item I am WORKING on
is this Vintage Hand Towel.
taken from

All that's left to finish: hide those loose ends,
bind off strap,
and find a button large enough for the HOLE .
Well, then, of course, a pair of freshly washed hands.

#  @  #  @  #  @  #  @  #

The next is what I need to WORK on.

I'm using a Jelly Roll - unidentified -
will use randomly wavy rows between striped rows.
My Plan is pinned at the upper left.

-  =  -  =  -  =  -  =  -  =  -

It appears that the snow may have passed Jeff City right on by
this time.
Hope this 43 degree temp today does
transform to the fifty and sixty degree weather predicted for week's end.



  1. Chisels look GREAT ! ! BTW --- I have an idea for the other little scrappy pieces that we have made with the GO ! ! !

  2. looks great gerry, btw, claire was looking for the name of that block.

  3. You have really been working Gerry.
    I really like the last piece you have up. It is so colorful.

  4. Yes I was looking for that block info, and it's the lite,dark placement that makes it work. In think I want to make a quilt out of this pattern. Do you have any more info for rotary cutting it?

  5. Aaaaah, so that's a chisel block. Your setting is quite striking. The towel really turned out great. The project to be is going to be cool too. I still don't think you sleep if you get all this accomplished and I don't.

  6. Love the towel!!! And your future maybe a pillow work is so beautiful and precise!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Now I see the YELLOW! Your towel looks great!
    How do you get the wavy rows to work with the jelly rolls?

  8. You have been one busy lady.

  9. ooo nice block Gerry! so will it be a pillow? you could make three more and have yourself a wall-hanging too...

    the towel has a great shape, and I like your choice of colours too. Very vibrant!

  10. The chisel block looks great - I'll have to check that die out.♥

  11. Hi Gerry,

    You could turn the quilt square into a "mini quilt" if you don't want a pillow. That knitted hand towel is so very pretty. And I love the wavy rows jelly roll plan.

    Thanks so much for visiting with me!
    Stephanie ♥

  12. Hi, Gerry! Your work is just beautiful! Such talent!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments on my video!


  13. Thank you for your comment on my blog Gerry. I was a feeling a bit sorry for my self when I wrote it but thought what the heck and hit publish. I am glad I did :-)
    I admire your neat handywork, I would have made such a hash of all those striaght lines, which is probably why I needle felt rather than sew :-)

  14. My goodness Gerry you are just a busy little woman. I wish I could be like you
    You are sweet for leaving me that comment about going back to work. Girl I can not tell you how I pray that Ms. Pearl stays at home that day. lol
    Love ya

  15. Hi Gerry! I was thinking of knitting one of those dish towels. I really like the colors you used. Have a nice day! Twyla


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