Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carryall for my Netbook & More

Recently one of our quilt guild members
issued a challenge to the rest of us.

Her challenge:
using the home dec samples that she rescued from going to the trash
[they were out-dated].
we are to make some thing from these samples,
show and tell about it,
make some thing from them to donate to the guild as a $$$$ maker.

Earlier I posted about a Roly Nester zip bag made from the samples.
I donated one to the guild
it was part of that evening's giveaway.
[Actually, my dil won it - fair and square - and she was thrilled]

My next project in this challenge used FOUR of the samples
I made another Simply Chic Carryall


I made it for my netbook
- - - pretty neat, huh ? - - -


As you can see in addition to my netbook
I've a place for my ear buds, surge protector and
wireless mouse.


I used store bought handles this time.
They just seemed to go with the wonderful carpet bag samples.


I've finally picked a theme for my next giveaway.
I'll work on it a bit this evening, hopefully, to finish it up.

Okay, FOLLOWERS, my next giveaway will be just for YOU ! ! ! !
If you are one of my FOLLOWERS
[and want to participate]
are eligible to enter.

I'll be posting about the giveaway any day now.
Hope to see your name there.


Speaking of Giveaways
I have to tell you about a Great giveaway D#2 alerted me to.
Yes, you all know that she and I are attempting to win.
WE WANT A GO! CUTTER ! ! ! ! !
We've entered one-point-five zillion giveaways ! ! !
With no luck so far

has been given the okay by Carolyn at AccuQuilt
to have her own GO! & 3 DIES giveaway.
Even though I do want to win one of these babies
I'll let you in on Millie's wonderful giveaway.
If you want to try to win too, go on over and enter ! ! !
.  .  .  .  there's room for all of us.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

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  1. Great bag!!♥
    Thanks for the tip on the Go! Cutter contest - I want one too!
    Good luck!

  2. What a beautiful bag. I love the carpet bag look. I need one of these for my laptop. Beats the big bulky briefcase I carried when I traveled for work.

    Thanks for the tip on the Go! One of these days our numbers will come up.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. That bag is gorgeous, Gerry! Love, love it.


  4. Gerry , your bags are wonderful! love them! Claire

  5. Can't wait to see this one. Hope you bring it Tuesday evening to Knit Nite.

  6. Oh WOW Gerry! I adore the carpet bag and really love how it's so vintage and chic, and yet it houses a modern gadget! It's absolutely adorable.

    I also love how you've given me a little giggle (thank you!) when I first opened your blog and saw those lovely pins (legs) modelling your ("their!!!") apron!!!! LOL! THank you for the giggle!!!

    Hugs!!! Vikki xoxo

  7. That's a fantastic way to use up those fabric samples. Plus it's a very chic way to carry your netbook.


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