Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nature girl

Nature Girl,
I'm not,
but couldn't resist taking a couple of pics of these
today after a late lunch,
stop at the library for more audiobook mysteries,
a stop at Central Dairy

where we had a small dish of
Cinnamon for me
Extreme Moose Tracks for hubby.

As long as I'm writing about dee-lish desert.
This past week was D#2 birthday
won't say hold old she is .  .  .  but .. .. ..
oh, well, better not say any more about age.
We had a dee-lightful
chocolate cake.
More chocolate than even this chocolate lover could take.

 I made her these three wallets using my new-found knowledge of sewing with vinyl.

Oh, how I love making these !
They're quick to make,
can use scraps,
and are great keepers for coupons,
tablets and pencils,

I think it's time for me to let you,  my Followers,  know how much I appreciate
that you return to my blog to read and leave a Comment.
Soooo, I'm thinking of a way to show just how much I do appreciate you gals.
Hmmm, what shall it be.
A giveaway fer sure - - - -

well, you'll be for first to know
when I figure out just what this will be.

Followers, it won't be long 'til I come up with something.


Hugs & ♥♥♥s
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  1. beautiful post. I mean the cake.


    -Samya :-)

  2. moose tracks my favorite too! isn't the sedum wonderful this time of year! Claire

  3. Oh, I'm so excited. I want to win another of those GerryArt wallets. I have decided they make a great collection and people always ask me where I got them (and the large tote bag of course). Be assured that I send them straight to you.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Had a GREAT time the other day ! ! ! ! LOVE the Keepers .... and the CHOCOLATE CAKE was sooooooooo GOOD ! ! !

  5. YUM, YUM for the beautiful chocolate cake!

  6. Oh no, I haven't even had breakfast yet. Bad girl for making me think about chocolate already! That cake ..... I want some.

  7. love love the flowers:-) i love nature, too...and oh the cake, mmmmm i am imagining it that i tasted it hahahha

  8. I'm diggin the chocolate cake. YUM Enjoy your week...oh already started today and teased me about it!! LOL

  9. I love the pic with the butterfly in the middle of the flowers.

    Now that I saw the chocolate cake and heard about the ice cream I am getting hungary!


  10. Great photos of the flowers and their "visitors"! And yes, that cake looks delish. And I know this is late, but happy birthday to Debra! :o) Hope it was a good one.



  11. Cute wallets, amazing nature photos and the best looking cake I've ever seen.


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