Friday, September 24, 2010

Easy as A B C

A is for Apron
B is for Book
C is for Cupcake

I've cooked up a theme for this giveaway.
Easy as ABC

What's not to like about these three?
Aprons - evoke nostalgic images of Mom.
Books -  friends to many of us that enable our minds to ponder a myriad of subjects.
Cupcakes - to satisfy our sweet cravings.

I just put the finishing touches on YOUR Cupcake Apron and I'm ready for us to begin my fourth Pay-It-Forward giveaway.

Here's the way we're going to play.

This time it's all for you
my lovely Followers.
I want you to know how much I love reading your comments and, at times, exchanging conversations via email.
If you are among my FOLLOWERS
you are eligible for this giveway.
Any and All Followers.
If you want to enter
leave a Comment.
I know I don't have to remind you that
your Comment must provide a means for me to be able to contact you
via your email
should you be the lucky winner.

Let's run this giveaway through this coming Wednesday,
sound good to you?

Good Luck
to you all
I'll be chomping at the bit 'til then
because I can't stand the anxiety of learning whose name will be drawn.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s

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  1. Can't believe I'm the first to comment. That's a great looking model in the pic.

  2. At this point I'm not certain how flattery will enter into this giveaway. :^}

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s

  3. I love your visuals.

    Your photography is great.

  4. Nice apron. Can;t believe your are wearing an apron... you don't cook.

  5. Please count me in. Beautiful apron.


    -Samya ;-)

  6. Hey Gerry! What a great give away! That apron is so, so cute! I love that cupcake fabric...and the cupcake book is awesome. Cupcakes are one of my favorite deserts! Thanks for hosting the give away, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :o)



  7. Does the giveaway come with prepared cupcakes?

  8. B.K. Bakery on the Blvd.
    Has GREAT cupcakes !


  9. I'm not sure how to use an apron - but I know I want to win. I do know how to use both books and cupcakes.

    This is fun!

    Hugs - Marie

  10. can i join?

    i never wear apron..
    i don't know how to cook cupcakes..
    :-) but i love to have them...maybe this time the "never" before will become my "fave" :-)

  11. here's my email:

    take care, gerry:-)

  12. i blog ur giveaway...
    here is the link though u never say it to do so but i did...

    the more the merrier...

  13. The material for this apron is so cute. My mom often had cupcakes or cookies on the table for an after school treat. The book should be an interesting read. It was nice to meet you, Gerry. Hugs

  14. Had a up and personal sneak peak of the Cupcake Apron. It is ooooooh soooo cute.

  15. Very sweet giveaway! I love the fabric you chose for the apron, adorable. Thanks for the chance to win your ABC giveaway (nice theme idea - you are clever).

  16. I get carried away with the French song, Edith I believe. Anyway you are first to see my humble video and leave a comment, thanks a lot.
    Add me to this list of friends who would like a chance.
    thanks aloha Lilla

  17. I need an apron! I like it and the pocket. The colors are really great!!!

    Your Daughter,

    PS do I get special treatment?

  18. Gloria, don't feel slighted - -
    this is an impartial draw.
    EVERYONE one of my FOLLOWERS have an equal chance.
    So, everyone, keep those fingers crossed.


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