Wednesday, August 4, 2010


That is: three projects in one photo.

A while back there were a number of blogs with so many delicible hangers
.  .  .  .
I was envious

Once I found a wood hanger I decided to make a hanger or two of my own.

I'm using
Queensland Collection
Bamboo Cotton yarn

it's 70% bamboo and 30% cotton

So lovely to work with, 
gives wonderful results with anything I've made with it.
So soft to the touch
and such vibrant colors. 

I yarn-covered the hook part using watered-down Elmer's glue.
The posies were just waiting for a cool place to hang.
Sequins and clear crystals embellish their centers.
The flower at the base of the hook has heart button embelishment.


The Starling Handbag is my all time favorite ! ! !
Don't know how many I've made but each is as individual as can be.
is the mother of this bag and deserves many thanks for publishing it on her blog.

I decided to line this bag.  Went through The Stash and come out with this fabric that I think goes well with it.
I'm using this bag as a - what else? - a crochet project bag.
Just the size for yet another Starling Handbag.

FutureGirl, Alice, has one terrific blog with a slug of great tutorials.
Take a Click above to view a great blog with great tuts.


Here's the next covered hanger in mid-stride.
Am not impressed with these flowers at all ! ! !
Back to the sidelines with these ladies while I work up some smaller posies for this hanger.

I love the color PINK
Also love Pink's music ! ! !
Can ya tell?

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  1. Love the hanger. The bag looks great too. Can't wait to see it. I agree, the flowers for the second hanger didn't do a thing for it.

  2. Oh my gosh, Gerry....that hanger is so cute! And I agree, the second flowers were too large; I really like the smaller ones!

    That's a pretty cool bag, too! I like the colors you used to make it! It's so happy!



  3. Love the hangers and the bag! ! ! Also love the new look on your blog ! ! !

  4. You got some pretty fansy hangers going on there. The smaller flowers are the best choice. Thanks for telling me you like pink...I couldn't tell by looking.

  5. Hi Gerry, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments on my decopatch coat hangers :0) I think yours are just gorgeous, although I do crochet I just think it must be quite difficult to crochet around a coat hanger! You are very clever :0)
    Have a nice day!


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