Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yee-Haa ! ! ! Guess what I did . . .

Well, What's Your Guess ? ? ?

Here are a couple of hints
- - - -
It was a first for me
I was eagerly looking forward to it 
- - - 
It was easy, all I had to do was sit for 15 minutes ! ! ! ! 
- - - 
And . . . . 
it was good for me.
and no doubt it could be good for you.

Good Guess, you are almost right ! ! ! ! 


is an easy solution to taking that monthly tablet of Boniva or whatever.

This is a once-a-year treatment for osteoporosis.
Reclast increases bone density and strengthens bones.
Boy, was I ready for this.
I hated taking Boniva once a month; 
having to take it before breakfast
having to wait one hour before having my first cup of coffee of the day
having to sit upright during that hour.
I did it because, let's face it 
weak, disintegrating bones are not on my schedule.

So this afternoon I had my first Reclast Infusion.
Yep, it's an infusion procedure.
Just one small needle in a vein, a 15-minute wait for the Reclast to drip to and through my vein to be distributed throughout my bones.
and that's all for the entire year. 

I will continue to take my Citracal for calcium and Vit D 
these two supplements will
re-enforce my Relcast treatment.

Now I can eliminate two meds from my daily routine, 

YEE-HAA ! ! ! ! 


  1. Way to go, Gerry! My father-in-law takes Boniva and has the same complaints about it that you did. Maybe I should tell him about Reclast!

    Here's to your good health and less meds! :o)



  2. So glad to see your post. I had been wondering about this. Like you, I hate waiting an hour for my coffee on the day I take my pill. My mother had osteoporosis so badly that she lost 8 inches in height and ended up in a wheelchair. New studies say taking calcium could raise risk of heart attack and I have been taking 1200 mg (as recommended) for years. It is difficult to know the right thing to do!

  3. Cyndi, thanks for visiting and commenting.

    The reason I DID have the Infusion was a result of my hubby having this procedure last month.
    I reasoned that if he is protecting his bone-strength than I'd be foolish if I didn't do the same.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s

  4. Nancy, all I can tell you is what I've decided to do about my osteoporosis.

    I, too, have lost some height [don't tell anyone I know : ^ }] and don't want to shrink any more than I have already.

    Both my husband and I have read the newest study regarding calcium.
    In both our cases we've decided to continue taking our supplements as recommended by drs and the literature provided by the manufacture of Reclast.

    As I mentioned in my response to Cyndi in my Comments -
    the reason I decided to have the Reclast Infusion was a result of hubby's infusion last month. I feel that I really needed to be more pro-active with my regime of protecting myself from the ravages of osteoporosis.

    I'd suggest talking with your gyn/doc read a few articles online and make a decision from there.

    Nancy, thanks for visiting and Commenting. I'll stop by your blog now and take a look.


  5. Good for you. Anyting to simplify your life and make you healthier is a good thing.


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