Tuesday, August 3, 2010

beep . . . . . OVER-VOTED

Yep, that's the message the vote-counting machine spit out when I inserted my ballot.
The election judge came to my rescue to say I marked one than one Candidate for one particular office.

Not to worry - I was given another ballot which I carefully marked my choices - - once

As you may know,
my dad's family settled in Chicago at the beginning of the 1900s,
I beleive the politicians encouraged:
Vote Early, Vote Often

p.s. Betty has Commented
that she was #90 at her polling place.
I will tell you that hubby and I were 
#s 312 and 313
at one o'clock!
with my luck I was #313 when I inserted my ballot into the counting machine.
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  1. I was # 90 at my voting place.

  2. What kind of organizing?
    Could I get some?
    What is this about starting a fight?

  3. At 5:15 Joe and I were numbers 505 and 506. We only voted once.

  4. Ha ha...you are so funny, Gerry! I've never tried to vote twice for anyone, but I've often wanted to! :o)

    For me the number 13 is lucky...so maybe it is for you, too!




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