Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can't Believe

I've been blogging since
June 2007
-  -  -
Brother, the time has just whizzed on by.

My first post was more than three years ago.

One Hundred Sixty Two Weeks Ago

I wonder how many words,
how many photos
I've posted.

What ever the numbers,
blogging is not only fun
but a great way to meet up with others with the same interests
from all over the globe.

In the beginning, art dolls and quilting were my main interests.
Being able to visit so many other blogs
my interests have widened
During the three years I've been blogging
some new interests now include knitting
- mainly sox . . . 2-at-a-time on one circular needle,
and crocheting,
things vintage,
things pink,
shabby chic,
and quilting.

One Thousand One Hundred Thirty Six Days
and I feel richer for knowing all of you

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a Comment or two.

Mom and Me
ca 1997 at Mom's in Palm Springs

Today is August 7th
 my Mother was born in Detroit on this date in 1915.
She's been gone for a dozen years
but still here,
in my heart,
Love you, Mom

Have you noticed ? ? ? ?
New Music ! ! !

Edith Piaf one of my all-time favs
Non, Je Regrette Rien
La Vi En Rose

Not to worry though, Pink is still here
just a bit further down the list
for now.

My DH and I were at Barnes & Noble the other day.
I came across these.

Zowee ! ! ! It's the Eiffel Tower - Paris
Had my first cup of Earl Grey while in Paris.

Could not get them outta my mind.
We went back today so I could pick them up.

Whadda think?
Pretty frenchy, huh?

The one on the left is a very cool box for keeping precious goodies,
the other is a journal for keeping track of those all important thoughts of the day
.  .  .  .  or night.
Even have four magnetic bookmarks.

Frenchy, frenchy.

Aha ! ! !
I thought they might perk your interest
so here's the deal.

I got these especially
for YOU

Thank You for staying with me for this,
the 300th Post ! ! ! !

Sooooo, if you're interested
and would like a chance
to have these reminders of Paris
just leave a Comment ***
[***  as an extra chance for you I'll be giving an extra chance to the first
three hundred to Comment]

when shall I draw for this Giveaway

Hey, I know -  -  - 
I'm gonna draw in 300 hours from the time I post this.

How does that sound?
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  1. Thanks for the new music pick! My daughter spent last Fall in France and would love this book! thanks, Claire

  2. WOW! Over 3 years!
    I sure have enjoyed blogging too! It has been a wonderful, positive experience!♥

  3. WOW ! ! Is that YOU with LONG HAIR ! ? ! What a GREAT Giveaway you are having ! ! !

  4. Wow, three years and 300 posts - fantastic! I love blogging, too. And like you, I've met so many wonderful people - and hey, you are one of them! :o)

    Your mom looked so sweet, Gerry, and you are BEAUTIFUL! My mom's birthday is next Saturday...she'll be 76.

    What a cool give away...please count me in. I've never been to Paris, but sure would love to go sometime!

    Thanks for the chance, Gerry!



  5. had to look twice, had it not been for that great smile of yours I wouldn't have recognized you with long hair. you and your mom are so cute together. Love your music a la francois!! 3oo posts is a lot, congratulations on all those great blog friends far and wide. I started mine 3 years ago but let it sit for 2 1/2 yrs not even to 100 yet but am close!

  6. Three when did blogs start coming out, you must have been one of the first on the band wagon.

    Nice tribute to your mom.

  7. Congratulations on three years of blogging! And what a lovely remembrance of your mom on her birthday.


  8. Three years and still counting. Congrats! Yes, I love your new music, but then I loved your previous music also. I'm easy to please!

  9. Hey - I'm in the first 300 amazing! I really think this is a cool give away (and since I won the last one, I want to win this one too.)

    Loved the pic of you and your Mom.

    Hugs - Marie

  10. I am so glad you blog and comment, which is how I found you.Keep it up, and btw I love the new layout.

  11. Hi, I've just found your blog through Lyn on Everyday Life - congratulations on 300 posts.
    Like you I love everything about Paris - it's one of my favourite places to visit!
    Love Kathy xxx

  12. Love your blog, love the new music, loved the photo of you and your Mom (two beautiful women) and I love you!!! I've never been to Paris so winning would be as close as I will get.

  13. Neat Pic of you and your mom!!
    Way to go on 3 years!!!! That is quite a commitment

  14. Congrats on your 300th post Gerry and thanks so much for telling me about your FABULOUS give-away! I have entered you in my draw as well :) Happy summer!

    Sandy xox

  15. Wow, 300 posts! You are awesome! I always look forward to your blogs. Thanks for the great picture of you and your Mom--very special. PS: I like your short hair!

  16. I love your blog - keep going for another 300 years!!!

  17. Congratulations on your 300th post! That shows real dedication to your followers!

  18. What neat stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks sew much for inviting me to your blog and giveaway. I've never been to Europe/Paris so this would be wonderful to win. Congratulations...

    Great picture of you and your Mom. I cherish those kind of pics of my Mom too.

  20. oops..I'm sorry. I forgot to thank you for posting the pic/badge/link about the GO Cutter Giveaway on my blog.


  21. Nice interesting and fun post. Love the photo of you and your sweet mom.

    Thanks for adding my "give-away to your blog.


  22. Congratulations on 300 posts! I love your blog, and the photo of you and your Mom is lovely. Thanks for the chance to enter your awesome giveaway.

  23. What a wonderful giveaway. Not sure when 300 hours is so I maybe to late..hahahaha
    The picture of you and your mom is wonderful. You are both beautiful.
    I miss my mom too and she was born in August also.
    If its not too late put my name in your hat.
    I hope you entered my CSN giveaway its a good amount for CSN to give

  24. Hi Gerry, Don't know if I am allowed to comment since I live in England, but you said to do it ...... so here I am! Looking through your Paris posting I though to comment on your liking for Earl Grey tea :0) - a huge favourite in UK, or on your number of blog postings, or on your generosity with your gifts ..... but no, none of these. I want to say that your photo of you and your Mum moved me to tears, and I am thankful to have seen you both together. They are still in our hearts aren't they?
    Bless you Gerry,
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK


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