Monday, June 25, 2007

Renee - Hoffman 2007 Challenge

Here she is ! ! ! Renee's ready for her trip to Fort Collins, CO as my entry in the Hoffman Fabric 2007 Challenge Doll Category this year.

Tall, willowy Renee, a renowned fashion model who is at the zenith of her career is knitting a few rows of her latest scarf project awaiting her turn to glide down the runway at the annual Ladies Club Charity Fashion Show.

Her outfit today is from the Hoffman Spring Collection. Her cloth jointed-body is a Patti Culea design with wood beads for elbow and knee joints. Her hands and fingers are articulated so that she can knit with ease. Her leotard and flesh tones have been painted with acrylic paints.

Renee's face is Sherry Goshon inspired.

While she's going to miss Jeff City during her stay in Fort Collins, she does have aspirations of traveling the country this coming year.


  1. Congrat's on your newest blog. Looks good and should draw a lot
    of positive comments.


  2. Love Renee. She looks elegant and at the same time is busy at her craft. The dress material and sandals are especially interesting!


  3. Wow, Gerry,

    All I can say is WOW. I clicked on her pic to enlarge it and as she downloaded and more details came into view I kept repearting myself. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Your attention to details makes Renee a winner in my book. Love her sandles and pedicure. I hope she becomes a world travele.


  4. Geri- Renee is so intriuging. Her hair, her sequines and beads, her pedicure and sandles. Such detail and so lifelike. I love her. Bev

  5. Gerry, I think you need to pack Renee's suitcase. I think she will be traveling around the USA in the future. Your detail is amazing, I admire your talent. Betty

  6. I smile each time I look into Renee's beautiful face. Gerry, you do incredible art work.
    Anna Marie

  7. congrats on your blog, will spend more time looking when i'm not at work!!! good wishes to renee on her journey, i know she is excited yet apprensive about leaving. but as the saying goes, you given her the courage to grow wings and fly away, but put enough love in her roots that sooner, or LATER, she will return home. talk to you soon, cyndi


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