Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Catch-up

Great weekend ! !
I gave my Cloth Doll Making 101 program Saturday morning at our Thimbleberries monthly meeting and then again at the Sunday afternoon meeting.

Each group had  between thirty to forty attending.
From the responses, comments and chatter I think just about everyone enjoyed hearing about the basics of cloth doll making.
If they have no interest in doing it themselve, they did seem to enjoy hearing about my 'experiences.'
Had lots of little dollies to pass among everyone.
Lots of hands-on.
I really had a good time. 
Real Great Group of Gals ! ! !

That took up lots of the weekend so had to wait 'til yesterday before Ron and I could work on my proto-type sewing table for my new sewing machine.

Could not use the table we had designed for my Viking Lily 555.
My new machine's bobbin is not the drop-in that Lily was so that table went to D#2 for her to use with the Lily 555 which is now hers.
My new table is constructed with a couple of microwave tables [from years ago] using a shelf from one to use now as a lowered top between the two tables.
This shelf is approx. four inches lower than the top surfaces so that the sewing machine bed is the same height as the tops.

A couple of weeks ago Ron and I had put together a temporary top using cardboard.

Our idea seemed to be a working one so yesterday we cut some quarter-inch oak using the template we made from cardboard. 
Cut and fitted the rear portion that will be stationary.
Then we cut and fitted the front section that will have to be removed each time I change bobbins.

Once we had both pieces fitting to our satisfaction we proceded to cover the two microwave table tops, as well as the stationary rear piece we constructed, with white contact paper.
 The contact paper makes for a pretty slick top so that my work will glide,
AND the sewing area is seamless.

Once we smoothed and made sure there were no air bubbles, we cut and fitted the paper to the rear portion leaving a notch for the power cord.
YeeHaa ! ! ! !   So far, sooooo goooood ! ! !
The final step was to cover the front panel with contact paper.
[Since I'll lift it off whenever I change bobbins it has to be easily removed.]
I chose a metalic silver for it's reflective surface.

Again, our luck was holding and got it all covered, smoothed and bubbleless.
There are still some 'embellishments' I'll be adding but right now it is good for GO ! ! !

As soon as I hit the 'publish post' button here I'm off to sew those totes, purses and bags you see on my work table.

Have a Great Day ! !
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  1. hey, you're new sewing table looks great and a new sewing machine too! woohoo! your doll is really snazzy and I'm sure you're demo was top notch, full of all sorts of hints and helps! While looking for something today I ran across a doll blog today and thought of you. Then when I went to my reader there you were with your your purple beauty! ;)

  2. Hi Gerry! that's a great set up for your sewing machine...I still use my dining room table...*ugh* Have fun sewing and have a beautiful week! hugs, Jennifer

  3. Hi Gerry! Wow, you and your hubby are very creative! If I had asked Jeff to help make a sewing table for me, I'd be waiting for a looooooong time! LOL He did buy me one for Christmas, though. But yours has so much space - I'm jealous!! :o)

    Your doll is really cool - but I have to tell you...I am not a doll person - because...I'm afraid of them! LOL!!! I know that sounds stupid for a grown woman, but I have been afraid of dolls since I was a kid. Good thing I can admire yours from a distance!

  4. Your purple doll is a real charmer! Fantastic sewing area you have!

  5. Gerry, you are facilitating some big groups!

    Interest is high; good.

  6. I'm sure the TB ladies did enjoy your program. Looks like there was a new doll/angel to join the fun.

    I will have to get over and see that sewing table in person. Looks fab.

  7. I love the doll. Must add that to my list of things to try out. One day!

    cheers x


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