Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get This Outta My Sight ! ! ! !

was the theme of our annual silent auction at our Quilt Guild at last night.
A once-a-year chance to clear the decks to make room
for yet another year of buying and not finishing.
Lots of UFOs.  Fabric scraps.  Patterns purchased and never used.
All kinds of goodies, something for every one.
Last night I was lucky enough to be the highest bidder for a couple of pretty cool items.

Look at this
embroidered tea towels. 
Aren't they enough to make a gal drool?
They are mine now, all mine.

The other item, yeehaw, 
is this Strawberry Pincushion Kit.
The kit includes the velvet for the Strawberry and Leaves.
As Kaaren The Painted Quilt sez:
"You can NEVER have too many pincushions."
I can hardly wait to work with this kit ! ! !

Now if that isn't enough
I won a door prize again this month
- just call me 'Lucky' -
Don't you just love this carry case!!


The gal who conducts the door prize giveaways each month,
Janet V, made this cute deep pink case.

Just look at all the slots for keeping my sewing things organized when I take my hand appliqué along in my purse.
Lucky, indeed

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  1. lucky you!
    What a lovely embroidered tea towels!
    Great finds and a beautiful gift!
    Hope to see the pincushion one day!
    Hugs, Suzanne

  2. Wow, truly lucky indeed! You scored big time. Love the pink carry case and the pincushion kit, but I absolutely would take you down for those tea towels! LOL!!!!!!! Those are soooo cute. I have a set of napkins that have similar embroidered ladies on them - love them!



  3. the tea towels are so sweet...good for you:) thanks for stopping over to visit me!!!

  4. I like those tea towels! You did great with the door prize-- that carrying case is nice. Congrats!

  5. Love the carry case. Bet it felt like Christmas by the time you got home.

  6. Hi Gerry! your so lucky to have won such beautiful treasures. I love the embroidered towels...congrats...hugs, Jennifer

  7. But will you use the tea towels? I confess, I have never understood putting so much work into purely practical items.
    I've been tempted to do a placemat and napkin set on and off for special but as the only day I get the good crockery and cutlery out is Christmas it hasn't ever seemed worth it!


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