Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lest you think I am a slacker

and lazing about as though I were a Queen
I will present the fruits of my toil
I've been doing my 20-Minutes-A-Day
using my scrap pieces;
though not string scraps as these are strips any size from 6" to 8" wide.

Nonetheless, scraps.

Feline Angels is a Laurel Bursch leftover.
Inner piece is a very bright poppy red.
Oh, yes, each of these totes have a magnetic closer.

Tumbling Block - a Thimbleberries piece.
Yes, it is blinged with a yellow pansie with rhinestone-ish center,
bias strips circle the top section.

Charmed I'm Sure
probably Moda
with Thimbleberries trim.

Vintage Vine
Thimbleberries with my most favorite piece of fabric topping it off.

All appropriately tagged.

There was one more tote.  However, it is now across town with D#2. 
Lucky gal.  She had the pick of the batch and chose the very one I had my eye on.  Dang! ! !

That's what I've been accomplishing with my 20-MINUTES-A-DAY ! ! ! !

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  1. I've been wondering where you were! You did a good job on the tote bags. Too bad the one you wanted got away!

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your attractive totes. Lucky daughter!

  3. Lazy is never a word I would use to describe you. All those bags look fab.

  4. It seems to my you where very busy!
    Lovely bags!!!
    Have a wonderful weekens,Suzanne

  5. lazy or slacker are not words anyone should ever associate with you... I'm sure everyone thought you were just busy busy creating, doing lots of this and that, and just not finding extra blogger time. everyone knew(hoped) you'd be back sooner or later. great job on all your new totes. Sorry you lost your fave. I'm sure you'll get to visit it from time to time or go shopping with it, go to a class with it, whenever you an DD#2go running, lol!

  6. Wow how creative you are. Love these bags. Can't believe 20 minutes! I have to get back here and catch up on your site
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my site I am going to the library now and see if I can find the books you mentioned

  7. Wow, seriously, 20 minutes a day? I'm embarrassed to admit how long it takes me to make a bag - because I'm so anal retentive! LOL Those are fantastic - love the mesh parts. You are very creative!!!

    BTW, I thought that I was already following you, but I wasn' now I am! :o)



  8. Beautiful bags, Geri! You certainly haven't been slacking :o)


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