Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sandy's Creations Alice in Wonderland

Sandy's Creations
^click here^
I won
Alice in Wonderland Giveaway ! ! ! !

Love this Red Queen Journal -
personalized with my blog name no less.

I keep this handy at my sewing machine so I can keep all my sewing notes right at hand.
Don't cha love the Queen's brows and ♥ mouth.

The Mad Hatter Trivet with it's wonderful colors
 and Vintage Bottle of Shrinking Solution
they're here at my chair next to my laptop.
A sip of Shrinking Solution every day or so in my Earl Grey enables me to enjoy an extra visit to our favorite Pastry Shop.
Of course, the Mad Hatter Trivet keeps my hot cup of tea from marring my table top.
[I know I'm not using it right now but just finished my tea and my cup's empty.]

Sandy included a Mad Hatter Charm for my digital camera
- red jewel and all.

Not least by any means is my Red Queen Key Cap
but I'm not showing it to you right now because I can not find a key that I want to honor with a very cool cap. 
I'll post a photo soon showing you what I've come up with.

Please do jump over to visit with Sandy
                                                         ^click here^
her blog is a great one to bookmark so you can enjoy her creativity!
Blogger may be free but it does try one's patience.

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  1. You are so lucky, that was one great gift!!!!
    Have you seen Alice? I really liked Alice even though some parts were dark (tim burton what can you say), saw it the first time regular screen in Jeff City. Then had an opportunity to see it 3D while visiting grandson , I felt like I could just reach out and touch the butterfly at the end sooooo cooool! Miss you!

  2. I'm jealous. Love all the Alice stuff. We haven't seen the movie but want to. 3D should make it amazing. And you know I love the music too

  3. Love it! So lucky! Love all the new Alice in Wonderland stuff!

  4. Love the journal!!! You are one lucky gal.
    paula b

  5. Hi Gerry, Thank you for stopping by and visiting me...your thoughts and words are very encouraging...I hope to get passed all the negative but sometimes there doesn't seem a way. I have met some wonderful people on the blogs and most everyone is so helpful and have given me much needed advice and prayers....Thank you friend for being one of them...Hugs,Jennifer

  6. I'm impressed, not only do you drink tea but Earl Grey! Aren't you living in the wrong country? Most people I know in the UK don't even like it but I think its great. I knew there was a reason I liked you!


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