Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's
My Irish line of ancestors arrived in America ca 1840.
I am third-generation.

Had my first class in hand appliqué;
already learned a technique or two.

Our Instructor is Dawn Heese of Columbia.
The class is based on the pattern in
her book Geese In The Rose Garden
published by Kansas City Star.
I beleive she had another pattern book coming out in the near future.

By the end of class Monday afternoon, I felt confident enough to be able to work on my block and have it finished by our next class.  Well, the class isn't for another four weeks.  So I'd better have the block finished.

This what our first block should look like.
Already, I know my leaves are not going to align exactly opposite each other.
Hey, it's Mother Nature.

Once I got home and had the time to look at the fabrics in the kit for the Geese in the Rose Garden and then really look at what I began in class
 I decided right away the block had to be changed.
It wasn't working.
The buds faded right into the background as did one set of leaves.
Didn't like the choice of values.  In my defense, I didn't see the fabric until class and class got under way with speed.
I did keep up with everyone else during the three hours of class.
I don't feel bad about beginning again as I can re-use the orginal background.  
I'll have time to pick and choose fabrics for the flowers and vine fabric our next block.

I exchanged a couple of leaves by adding an additional green.  So with the different background and the new set of leaves, it'll work.

So far, I've completed five leaves and one bud.
At this rate I should have the block completed in plenty of time
and even be able to cut the templates and pieces for the next block and have them ready for class next month.
[Hope I haven't jinxed things.]
I spent a couple of very early hours this morning working on the piece  and enjoyed the time.  I'm fairly satisfied with my work.  Hey, Gerry, if I was perfert I wouldn't need the class ! ! !

Have a great St. Pat's Day !

Why not stop to welcome a new blogger
Shevvy London

she sez: 
"Musing on my love of crafting, especially my newly discovered obsession with patchwork and quilting and whatever other randomness takes my fancy"

Now here's an interesting twist on a Giveaway.
Karen's Quilting
is hosting a giveaway for a non-blogger.  This is the first time I've ever seen this.
Teri Dingler from Alabama has some gifts for one lucky winner!
Anyway, take a look, leave a comment on Karen's blog and be sure to mention that I sent you.

Sandy's Creations
is having a wonderful Alice In Wonderland Giveaway.
Her blog is great and you'll be twice St Pat's Lucky when you visit.
You'll have a good chance of winning her fantistic prize.
However, I do have dibs on the
Vintage Bottle of Shrinking Solution.


  1. My hat's off to you. I don't have patience to hand applique. Good luck.

  2. You big tease! Show us YOUR applique! Lol. I'm sure it looks great.

  3. Thanks for entering and posting about my blog Gerry! Sending lucky shamprocks your way :)

    Sandy xox

  4. Maybe we can share the shrinking solution. I need it much more than you do. Good lusk..

    BTW, waiting to see your applique. I'm sure it is perfect.

  5. i love the fact that you are taking the pattern and changing it to suit you, making it your own, hope to see it soon! cyndi

  6. Hello Gerry, thank you for visiting. I am very curious to your appliqué,Hope to see it one day.
    I just added your blogg to my blogroll. :)
    Suzanne x

  7. I think your fabrics that you show in a later post are better, much more distinctive. Thanks again for the shout outx


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