Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video Chat and Hand Appliqué

With a 'bit' of prodding from me,  my brother got a Google Video Chat up and going over the weekend with the help of his son.

We had an excellent visit.  He took us on a walking tour through his home and outside showing us 8 to 10 feet of snow they still have there in the mountains of Southern California.  Don't know how he manages to keep a walkway clear for the doggies - really where does one put snow when it's piled eight feet high?

We were able to meet his twenty-two month old granddaughter who was visiting with her parents.  I have dubbed her Cindy Who.  IMHO, looks just like her.  Adorable ! ! ! ! 

Yesterday was the first class of Hand Appliqué.  Class will meet once a month for six months.  Our practice piece will result in a twin size quilt top.  At the end class we should have a completed 80" x 64" quilt with six pieced blocks and six hand appliquéd.  The kit isn't in my colors, but, it is after all a practice piece.

Great instructor - Dawn Heese -  who is knowledgeable and has lots of experience.  And has the ability to teach.  I learned a number of very good techniques and really feel confident that I can complete the first block by next class.  She wants NO UFOs ! ! !  Yikes, I better get cracking.  Am really looking forward to working on this project.


  1. Can't wait to see what your hand applique looks like! LOVE applique!

  2. I thought the class might be at Linda's with Dawn teaching it. Applique is not my cuppa but I love the look. Good luck.


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