Friday, March 19, 2010

Who doesn't love an apron !
This is no requirement of being able to cook to own an apron.
Perhaps there should be a requirement to just love aprons.
Here's an opportunity to win a Flirty Apron.


  1. I remember my grandmothers wearing aprons when I was growing up. I've never worn them, as I don't really cook much now that the kids are grown. But now I just want to OWN some!

  2. Same here I can't ever seeing Grandma without an apron on. She alwasy hid candy in her pocket. However hers were not this cute.

  3. Forget about the apron- YOU WON my shrinking solution and Alice give-away!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! E-mail me your home address please :)

    Sandy XOXOX

  4. I am so jealous about your shrinking solution win! Guess I'll have to ration my chocolate intake afterall.

    Aprons? Weren't you working on one? Have I missed it?!?


  5. Me,Me,Me....

    Thanks so much for lettimg me know I'm a good DIL. She really is a good MIL, 99% of the time. We do get along. She just is getting a little crazy with age.

    Off to see what I've missed while entertaining the MIL. Can't wait to get caught up with all.

    Sunny and 75, perfect afternoon at the pool.

    Happy at the Beach,
    The Garden Bell - Kate

    This is one of my favorite songs for 2010.... love it.


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