Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hand Appliqué

This is the layout for the first block for our Needle-Turn Appliqué class with Dawn Heese, instructor.

As you can see [below] I've appliquéd several of the sixteen leaves.
A couple of things I have learned.
*** the finer the marking the better
*** using silk thread is easy to sew with; my stitches are almost invisible
*** taking this block along in my purse is easy, a 15.5" block, spool of silk thread, small pincushion and small pair of scissors. Oh, don't want to forget the toothpick for turning those pesky corners
I'll post a couple more photos in a my next post.

Newbie Bloggers:

All Kinds of Everything
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Betty is new to blogging.  She has only a few more days before she becomes a retired, lady of leisure.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Yes, retirement is close. Six days but who is counting...

  2. That looks great, love your fabrics. I'll bet that class is lots of fun. ENJOY! Do have any trouble with knotting with the silk thread? I'm sure it glides and hides like a dream, just wasn't sure whether it gets knotted easier. If you like it, I might want to try it next time I applique something. cyndi

  3. That is going to be a beautiful quilt if this one block is anything to go by! I like your fabric choices.

    The problem I have with silk thread is that it is easy for it to unthread itself from the needle!


  4. Seriously you must be so patient to make such a detailed quilt! It's so lovely:)

    Sandy xox

  5. I love your applique, your fabrics are fantastic!

  6. I like the idea of applique, but haven't much experience it would be good if you could post again to keep showing how you progress, it is exciting!
    Val xx


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