Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little Quilting ! ! !

Daughter Debra and I have been slowly using
all of our Fabric Stashes.
This summer we are finally making headway.

We spent several days cutting 2.5" strips
of every size piece of fabric we own.
All that remains are a half dozen or so
pieces of Fabric that we can use for Backing
for other projects after this one.

Before beginning cutting those 2.5" strips
we cut the backing pieces.
Since we were cutting from Stash
we decided pieced backs would be the way to
use what we had to our best advantage.

We formed a plan ! ! !

A version of a quilt-as-you-go/'rag quilt' style
quilts would suit our mood.
Since we do not want to do any large quilts . . . . .

We cut 21" square backing fabric and batt.
In fact, we cut eighty-five 21" square quilt backs.
That is enough for seven quilts ! ! ! ! 
These quilts will be four rows by three columns.

We used approx. 27 yards of fabric and 
the same number of yards of batt.

Well on our way to completely de-Stash ! ! ! 

We went on to cut 2.5" strips of the remaining Stash.
These strips are of various lengths
varying from wide of fabric (40-42ish inches)
to some as short as eighteen inches.

We cut, and we cut.
For several days we cut.
Of Course, we used our Accuquilt GO!
cutter using the 2.5" die
which make the entire process a bit easier.

Now we have a great many stack of strips.

I sewed a very long strip about 3,800" in length.
This is equal to a piece of fabric
42" wide by 6.25 yards.
I was able to quilt-as-you-go
the twelve blocks necessary to make one of our quilts.
A quick calculation shows that our goal of
seven quilts takes more than 45 yards of fabric !

The strips I used hardly make a dent in our
'Stash of 2.5" Strips'.
We have a feeling there will be enough to
reach our immediate goal of seven
60"-ish x 80"-ish quilts.

27 yards of backing fabric
27 yards of batt
at least
45 yards of fabric cut into 2.5" strips
That's a lot of YARDS

YAHOO ! ! !

My second Dahlia

 Isn't she sweet?

hugs 'n smiles


  1. Yes, your pink flower is very sweet. You and Debra have done a lot of work but I know it was fun, too. It's great to clear out stash. Good job.

    1. You're right ‼️‼️

      Lots of satisfaction ‼️‼️

      Love Dahlias ๐Ÿ˜❤️

      Hugs 'n smiles, Dianna

  2. Your Dahlia is BEAUTIFUL! After reading your post, I'm convinced you were an accountant in your previous occupation!

    I'd tell you to Sew on ~ ~ ~ ~ but I think you need to shop on for more fabric!


    1. Patti, thanks for a very hardy chuckle this morning.
      I do love the numbers ‼️‼️

      My love affair with my sewing machine has been ongoing since forever.
      Or maybe, it is thread and needle that I love.
      Any thread/floss/yarn
      Any needle

      Dahlias are gorgeous

      Hugs 'n smiles

  3. I love your cutting/stripping/quilting plan. Good luck! What a beautiful Dahlia. A nice place to hang out when you need a breather from all that quilting.

    1. Daughter and I love to plan out our projects
      To accomplish as much as we can in our allotted time span๐Ÿ˜Š
      So, we do as often as we can
      A 'production line' of phases

      Not to worry, gal,
      We do spontaneous, non-structured projects also.


      hugs 'n smiles


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