Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello, Autumn ???

Couldn't believe our eyes when we parked at Dairy Queen Tuesday afternoon.
Do ya see it???  
There it is ! ! 
An Autumn-Red leaf ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Could we experience an early Autumn???

Our backyard Sycamores
are dropping their leaves

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Yesterday afternoon
while leaving Barnes & Noble
we were treated to this view.

This past week's sky has been
filled with puffy whites
against a cerulean backdrop.

Completely Wonderful ! ! ! 

While at the beauty salon this afternoon getting my haircut

My hair stylist was just opening her UPS shipment
 O.P.I. fall collection of autumn color nail polish

I immediately fell for these three beauties
[and who wouldn't?]

Took them straight from the shipping box before anyone else could.
Here they are
that are front and center
on my makeup vanity.

In The Cable Car-Pool Lane,
First Date At The Golden Gate

Yep, you guessed it,
all referenced to San Francisco. 

# # # # # # # # # # # #
My haircut

I must be happy with the prospect of the hand-knitwear season arriving.  
: ^ )


♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Love the haircut - it really suits you.

    I think the red leaf is an aberration - it's not time for autumn yet...


    1. Aberration or not, Penny, even our Sycamore trees are dropping leaves.
      At least it's getting closer to the time handknits can be brought out for the upcoming cool breezes.

      Thanks for the compliment on my haircut.


  2. Replies
    1. While it's just a bit longer, Gail,
      it's a nice change


  3. Love the hair!!!! Shorter, but jazzy!! nail colors are awesome!!! Our leaves have been falling, but I think we have a sick tree!!!

    1. I did get a chance to try one of those new colors
      yesterday evening, Paula
      Now my nails will be 'jazzy' for a bit.


  4. I LOVE YOUR SHORTER HAIR!!! It suits you and makes you look younger and as cool as you are. Your nails will be lookin' good too with the new colors. I saw some yellow leaves behind that red one. Do ya think it's because we've had more overcast weather? I don't remember too much about photosynthesis but think it has something to do with light. Geez, that was a bazillion years ago when I was in Jr. High School.

    1. Yep!!! It'z me alright ,,,,,,

      I had a chance to use the
      First Date At The Golden Gate
      Looooove it !!!!!!!!

      I'm not certain the relationship
      Between sun vs length of daylight vs precip vs temp
      And leaves turning to autumnal coloring
      Tell it to our Sycamores
      As the continue to drop their leaves

      Eat happy


  5. Love your new hair style. I is so you.
    OK, which color do you try first?

    1. Betty, I choose FIRST DATE AT THE GOLEN GATE
      the far right bottle front and center

      Maybe my hair did look a little on the wild side, perhaps

      Thanks for stopping by, gal.


  6. I didn't know there were trees by Dairy Queen?!?
    Love the hair cut. Maybe some day I will go natural! think of all the $$ I'd save.

    1. You must make a mad dash from car to counter, Patti

      We go often enough. :-) to know about the trees

      In fact we park in the shade of those trees in the summer time
      So we know them well. LOL LOL

      I love wearing my hair short
      Easy to care for and no worry about breezy days or getting hat hair

      The down side is that it takes a visit to the salon every four weeks !!!!!!!
      So, not the savings one would think

      I'm living with short hair and lovin' it


  7. Autumn????
    Out temp reached only mid-70s today

    Can you believe that

    Humidity was high
    As it was a day full of on and off sprinkles

    Great day for a quick stop at B K Bakery for coffee and some very tasty pastries - we were joined by DD#2

    Have a great weekend, gals



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