Monday, August 19, 2013

Gotta Loves

Gotta love Joann's Half Price Shelves
Saw these boxes on 
Hotazzknitter's Instagram post the other day.
Nicole aka Hotazzknitter, 
has a video podcast
that I thoroughly enjoy.
Wouldn't miss an episode for anything.
If you're into Positive-ity then
she's your gal.
Click on her link above.

Her Instagram post was truly enabling.
Couldn't resist.

Our local Joann's has a pretty good selection
and I've got mine.

It is summer time.
Even if the temps don't feel like it
soft serve ice cream is still
on the agenda.

Triple Berry Brownie - Midnite Truffle

Here I am doing what I love to do in the evening
or at any time for that matter.

One-at-a-time ! ! !   
Toe Up.
One Size #0 needle ! ! 
Just about ready for the heel.
No hurry on this one
just a little change of pace from my Camp Loopy projects.


Are there signs of Autumn in your neighborhood?


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


  1. Love your jammies. what are you going to keep in the lovely boxes you purchased? i like them!!

  2. Well, Paula, so far they're just eye candy. But will become handy storage for a few things I want close at hand.
    So glad I saw Nicole's Instagram Photo
    else I woulda missed out ! ! !


    p.s. thanks for PJ comment :^)

  3. Adorable boxes & I love your new sock knitting. It's been feeling a bit like autumn lately but the near-90 degree weather is looming. ; (

    1. Evelyn, this coming week looks to be in the very low 90s
      Not bad considering it's the last half of August

      Just got some worsted weight
      To become a pair of
      Susan B Anderson's Worsted Sox


  4. Replies
    1. Patti, one of THREE ! ! !

      Love my Featherweights
      Besides they are Beauties

      Also have a Model 15 Singer
      With Egyptian Decal
      Gift from Don #3


  5. Looks like you found another health food store 8^)
    Those boxes are so "you". I know you will enjoy them even if you never put a thing into them. Great sock. You shouldn't have second sock syndrome since you love to knit sox!!!

    1. Dianna, you know me so well. If anything, I'm all about Health. ;-)

      Okay you caught me. The boxes are right here next to my Rattan Wicker Chair -- -- -- Empty

      Haven't worked on the sock since
      Am going to try a new heel technique and wilil wait to do that when there's enough fresh brain cells


  6. Mighty attracive storage!
    Love those cheery socks!

    1. Even though these boxes aren't ‘storage’ yet, Anna Marie
      They are going to contain some kinda
      And put where they'll be handy.

      Temps in the hi 80s. :-)
      You bet it's Mini Blizzard weather


  7. Forgot to tell you that the sight of those delicious ice cream treats caused me to check out our freezer!
    Hugs again!


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