Sunday, January 13, 2013

One-Sleeve-On, One-Sleeve-Off

Am knitting a baby sweater for our Friends' first grandson.  
He's due this month ! ! ! 
So, here I am knitting a

One skein of
in the colorway:  Bow Tie


Sweater Sox Sweater Sox Sweater Sos Sweater Sox Sweater Sox Sweater Sox Sweater Sox Sweater Sox Sweater 

At the same time, I'm working on a pair of socks.
It's the Hazel Knits Mystery Sock Knit-Along
The sock is designed by Adrienne Fong
I'm joining the knitters 

oh, baby, it's cold out side



  1. that is a sweet jacket. I've made Eliz. Zimmerman's Tomten jacket twice, and love the pattern. Those socks are gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Paula, love reading your comments.

      Since this is the second baby sweater I've ever knit, I did go to Ravelry and looked up your Tomten Jacket. Here:

      It appears my Little Baby Sweater could be a variation of Ms. Zimmerman's Tomten, though a bit less complex design.

      I did consider Zimmerman's 'Baby Surprise Jacket'.

      However, didn't want to fork over $10+postage it mentions to purchase it from Schoolhouse Press when I could have instant access to Purl Soho's pattern for free.

      Elizabeth Zimmerman is the Grand Dame of knitting though, isn't she ! And her knitting know-how is amazing to this day.

    2. she was an awesome lady!!! i enjoy her non-nonsense attitude about knitting. I have one of her books, "knitting without tears". Good reading!!

    3. There are no Elizabeth Zimmerman books in my library, however, they are as close as Barnes &Noble's shelves.
      Truly have not taken time to check our local library, probably should do that. Since this electronic age . . . . .


  2. What gorgeous socks. The pink is soooooooo you. Lucky baby to get a handknitted sweater.

    I still can't upload pics to Blogger.

    1. Thanks for remarking about this Mystery Sock. Ms. Fongafale, the designer, has created a lovely design, yet quite simple, I'm finding.


      Will pm you in a while

  3. That is a beautiful design you have going on in those socks. That newborn will be styling in that hand knit sweater.

    1. Adrienne Fong, the designer of this lovely is keeping the intrigue in this mystery KAL
      Her pattern is FREE when joining this KAL via Hazel Knits Rav Group.
      What's a deal, right!

      Betty, you know I shy away from those Namby-Pamby soft colors. This Bow Tie sock yarn was originally bound to be a handsome pair of sox for Hubby. Now, it's spending it's days snuggling a wiggly baby boy! In style, of course.

      Thanks for visiting, Betty.


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Great mystery sock! As for the baby cardigan, it's fabulous!

  6. Thanks, Evelyn.
    I am quite proud of my choice of yarn. :-)

    Love your blog :


  7. A new baby! How exciting and great for a talented knitter like you! That sock KAL sounds like so much fun! I may have to join you next time. Keep warm!

    1. This Mystery Sock KAL is great.
      Just rec'd Clue 3
      Will download it tomorrow and get ta knittin' .

      Love hearing from you. Btw, you're missing the deep freeze weather we're having in the middle of the country.



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