Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Reversible Cables
It's a goal of mine for this year.

Remember this?

Miles and miles of cables.
Hours of time spent knitting and counting
to creating cable stitches.

Viewable from the front side ONLY ! ! ! 

I'm blocking and thinking, 
"What's the sense in knitting this many cable stitches
only to have a 'right side' and a 'wrong side' ???  
This is freakin' crazy.  
Why spend ALL THIS TIME to have only half a scarf ???"

Of course, this conversation with Myself didn't happen 'til I was finished knitting this Christmas gift and already blocking it .  .  .
 on the day before Christmas.

That's the precise moment I vowed to 
never knit a one-side-only cable scarf,
or cardi fronts, for that matter.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It came to mind that 
Lily Chin is known for her technique of REVERSIBLE CABLES.

In two shakes of a lamb's tail I grabbed my %-off coupon, Hubby's Gift Card and before ya knew it
we were at Barnes & Noble having a Starbuck's Tall Decaf,  this book on the table before me.

From the moment it came through our frontdoor it's been open to one page and then another.
What a time I'm having exploring all the possibilities.

Right now it's at my knitting chair opened to 
Lily's reversible staghorn cable tutorial.

Here's a snap of her example:

and the beginning of her tutorial for my own sample:

I cast on the recommended number of stitches and knit up my own sample.
It looks pretty darn good.

This Staghorn Reversible Cable Scarf is my first attempt using this newly-learned technique. 

front side

back side

I'll be posting a few pics along the way to show my progress.

The yarn is a merino/cashmere blend that's soooo soft.
Perfect for a scarf to wrap 'round and 'round your neck to
keep the cold weather away.

This is being knit as a gift, there's no rush to get it finished.
I'll be taking my leisure to enjoy the knit along the way.

*   *   *   *
Thanks for coming by to spend a few moments with me. Love havin' ya ! ! !



  1. Ha, I am knitting the same scarf!
    It does take a lot of work and for only
    I was knitting it for Emerson and then
    realized was taking too long for me
    to have it finished for Christmas, 2.The
    yarn is a silk and cotton so must be
    hand washed 3. For a four year old?!
    Nope, it's now hibernating and I did
    a quick scarf for Emerson to play with
    and I won't cry if/when it is lost or
    she and the dog tear it up!

    1. Tracey, I've vowed to never knit a cabled scarf without knitting reversible cables.

      We're having a heat wave! Temps hit hi thirties today
      And is supposed to again tomorrow.

      We'll be sweatin'. ;-)


  2. that is a great idea!!! I may have to get that book!!!
    Love the yarn!

    1. Paula, check out the library, also.

      Yarn's nice to knit with though it's leaving dye on my fingers.

      May take several soakings before it's gifted


  3. The scarf I knit for Mom had reversible cables and I had to watch carefully while knitting each line of the pattern(chart). This was one knit where the lifelife was essential. Virtually impossible to memorize but it did become familiar after several repeats. Good luck.

    1. This is my first venture into reversible knits
      And is the 1st Qtr Challenge (via The Loopy Eve Ravelry Group)
      and must be "completed" and posted by the end of the first quarter
      I'm all for a simple pattern for learning more about the technique.

      Your Mom is so lucky because I remember that scarf.

      And for having the pattern become familiar
      I'm learning that as I knit/re-knit my current Mystery Sock designed by Adrienne Fong
      The cadence of the pattern finally has become familiar.

      Thanks for you comment, Dianna.


  4. Oh that blue cable is beautifiul for miles and miles!
    Did you go to Guild last night? I was feeling poorly and didn't make it.

    1. Oh, Patti, sorry to hear you're not feeling so great.
      Good idea not to go out last night.

      I didn't go either
      Even though our meeting place is less than five minutes away
      It was just too dang cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hugs to you, you Osage Bluff Quilter, you.

      Caring hugs

  5. I do not knit but what a lofty goal

    1. Barb, your LOVE OF QUILTING keeps your mind and fingers busy.

      When would you ever find the time :-)

      Barb's blog:

      Hugs to you, Barb

  6. Whoa, so many cables in this post! I love it! I like the swatch you did better than the one in the book, you made a great yarn choice. I have the feeling this is the start of something wonderful!

  7. I am enjoying this simple Staghorn Cable
    An can easily see that knitting in ribbed pattern makes this reversible

    I hope to continue in this book following a number of her 'tutorial'

    The more knitting reveals itself to me the more enjoyable it becomes. If that's possible. I LOVE knitting!!!!!!


  8. OH how I wish I knew how to knit. I always say that everytime I visit with you. Your work is always just so gorgeous.
    So glad you got to get this book it looks like it would be amazing.
    One of my goals for this year was to find a place that teaching knitting.
    So far no luck in my area so I may have to do it in Austin which is a good hour and half drive but would love to learn.
    Funny I had you on my mind last night but never made it over here and then I find you visited me. That happens so much out here in the world of blogging. Even so it always surprises me that when I am thinking of someone they usually show up on my site. hahaha
    Now if that would only work for the right six numbers of the Texas Lotto. hahaha
    Hope your well

  9. How fun to purchase your own "Power Cables" book.
    I agree whole-heartedly -- it's a waste of time to make a "one sided" scarf.
    Missed you Tuesday evening!

    1. Lily Chin has compiled a lovely group of cable patterns and is explaining how she knits them resersible
      I hope to learn the basic/foundation techniques and apply 'em to my scarf knitting.
      I've more or less have promised her next winter's hand knit cabled scarf will def be viewable nicely from either.

      The Staghorn practice scarf i'm knitting is lookin' good!!!

      Thanks for dropping by.


  10. Reversible cables are so smart for scarves, where the front and back both face the viewer after the scarf is tied on. I hace done a simpler reverse. I will have to try the staghorn. It is one of my favorite cables and it looks impressive done reversible.

    1. This is the lesson I learned !

      The Staghorn is fun and so effective!

      Am looking forward to my next step in Lily Chin's book.

      We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month at McAlister's on the Blvd around five-ish for our monthly Knit Nite


  11. Reversible cables are so smart for scarves, where the front and back both face the viewer after the scarf is tied on. I hace done a simpler reverse. I will have to try the staghorn. It is one of my favorite cables and it looks impressive done reversible.

  12. Reversible cables are so smart for scarves, where the front and back both face the viewer after the scarf is tied on. I hace done a simpler reverse. I will have to try the staghorn. It is one of my favorite cables and it looks impressive done reversible.

  13. I am so impressed with your work. And a little jealous! I've always wanted to learn how to knit. Looks like I need to come hang out with you for a week!

    1. How is your recent quilt blockers coming along?
      DD#2 and I are going to have a couple of 'quilt days' coming up this month.


  14. Went to my LYS SuperBowl clearance sale, and guess what book she had on the 40% off table ...... Power Cables! I'd been planning to put it on my wish list, but I can now make room for other things!

    Enjoying watching the progress of the scarf.

    1. Forty percent off!!!!!!!! What a dtroke of luck, Joanna

      Now that there is room on your list
      Have you seen
      The Knitter's Book of Yarn Designs

      A great reference book for spinning, therefore another grat book for Knitters to have in their library



      THE SPINNER's Book of Yarn Designs

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