Sunday, September 2, 2012

DVD - it's not what you think

It stands for

an independent dyer

Susan lives in Arizona
[we all know how much I love that State for all it's beauty] 
The Internet provides easy access
to everyone [Me]
to Susan's online shop.

She provides GREAT SERVICE with special attention to my order that encourages me to go back for more yarn.
I got my shipment Pronto! ! ! 

I picked her Logo colorway with vibrant colors
in a lovely sock weight yarn of
75% Superwash Merino Wool
and 25% Nylon to add durability so these hand-knit babies will last a long, long time.

The great feature of superwash wool is that I can toss my sox into a zip bag and into the washer it goes.
I lay each sock flat to dry.

This is my first skein from Susan and could not be more pleased with my purchase.

With a helping hand from Hubby
we had wound that skein into two yarn cakes in no time at all
so that I could cast on for
Knitabulls Podcast September Self-Striping
Sock Knit A Long.
Diane's such a sweetheart.

I use

[this is a great YouTube if you're interested]
and I'm on my way.

This method gives a rounded toe
with the increase stitches evenly divided
giving a star effect.
Well, this darker stripe does not show this,
but believe me it's a great lookin' star effect.
And so dang easy

I cast on yesterday afternoon
and was going great guns
until - - - -
I looked at my progress
then frogged back this much late last night!

Was enjoying the rhythm of the increases so much
that I made it waaaay to big.

No big deal.
It's only yarn.

Made up for some of the lost time already
it's not easy taking pics of one's self
This far along so far.
Now that I'm nearly finished with this post

I'll pick up my needle and knit on!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Oh, oh, I have to tell ya!!!!!
Rain, we got rain ! ! ! ! 
Two and a half inches since late Friday night.

Our grass is greening up and our big trees' leaves have turned their faces up once more.


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  2. Love the colors!!!!!
    Rain is good!!! I was mesmerized with it all day Friday, like a little kid watching it snow!

    1. I know, wasn't it crazy to see rain here in mid-MO!
      Love every drop we can get.

      Yep, VIBRANT COLORS alright! Knits pretty darn nice, too.


  3. I love your colorful yarn. You made the toe-up cast on sound so simple that I just may try socks again after 45 years. Knitting with this gorgeous yarn has to be "pure fun."
    We love, love, love this rain even though it put a damper on a big outdoor celebration for our family on Saturday afternoon with the continuing mist.

    1. You should do it, A.M. This co is so easy, of course I go back to the video for a re-fresher every once in a while.
      I love knitting these stripes, goes to fast just to see what's coming next. First time for this yarn and lovin' it!
      Yes, but midst is much better than downpour! ! ! ! We were out and about and was misted on much of the afternoon.
      Boy, don't we have the humidity now after none all summer!

  4. I haven't had a chance to try any Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn yet but after hearing about the great customer service, I'm going to bump her yarn up on the list I keep of yarns to try.

    Glad to hear that you got some rain. It has been raining off and on all morning in my neck of the woods and everyone is so thankful for it after the long summer drought. It has been a nice steady, restorative rain instead of a heavy, punishing rain.

    1. Hey, thanks for finding my blog and stopping AND COMMENTING ! ! !

      It makes a difference, doesn't it, when the vendor go out of their way to be personal and PROMPT ! ! !

      Don't know where you're located but just about everyone has been looking up for clouds/rain clouds. And, yep, our was a slow, light rain as well. Lots of humidity hanging around today even with the sunshine. First humidity we've had! But, hey, we got rain.

      btw, I've 'friended' you on Plurk.

      hugs and on my way to check out your blog.

  5. This yarn looks as if it was dyed especially for you. I know you are gonna love the socks and enjoy knitting them for the KAL. I haven't tried Cat's cast on yet. I keep going back to Judy's since I can do it without looking and the directions now. When I see the one you did I remember that I want to give it a try sometime.

    1. Actually, Dianna, Sharon did dye it just for me. However, this colorway was one of her newest and fits right in with Knitabulls Sept Self-striping Sox KAL. Seems she dyes as we order, which sounds like sound business practice.
      If I'm not too mistaken, Cat's version is based on Judy's method. Anyhoo,I like the ease of getting started and it moves along fast, witness my need to frog all the extra increase rows I did last nite.
      It's so much fun and Love the round-star-patterned toes.


  6. Love the bright colors in your new yarn. I want to start a pair of socks if I ever get this shawl finished. Hope it is as easy to get started as you say it is. I will be sure to watch the video before I start.
    The rain was great, I was out shopping in it Friday and got soaked but did not mind one bit.

    1. Bright, but to me, they remind me of early-Autumn. Which by the way, the autumnal equinox occurs less than twenty days from today. Day and Night will be will be approx. equal that day. Then - - - - less and less daylight and MORE DARKNESS. Be not afraid, by the new year days will again lengthen. :^)
      Betty, you CAN KNIT SOX ! ! ! Whether one at a time or two at a time.

      We got 'damped upon' the the Day It Rained.


  7. Pretty yarn!

    We got 2 1/4 inches. All was much appreciated!!

    1. Maybe these sox will be wearable next guild meeting, Patti :^)

      Oh, every body needs, wants rain ! ! ! Of course, we always hate asking for it, because, boy, we know we can really get it. Who doesn't remember Flood of '93 ! ! !

      Thanks for leaving a note.


  8. Hee hee hee - I've done the same thing many a time! I'm usually watching TV and lose track of how much I've knit, and end up going too far! But like you say, it's only yarn!

    1. Isn't it the truth.
      I love knitting so it's not that much of a hardship LOL to frog and re-knit. But, I do like to finish a project in a timely manner. Too many mis-counts turns out to make it a long-term affair. :^)

      Great talking with ya, Gail.

      hugs from a gal with blue nails

  9. Lovely, lovely yarn! I want to stare at it for a long while the colors are so happy! I don't know how I would survive not being able to knit socks toe-up, it is just the most fun, most attractive way to do it! Lovely work as always you talented woman!

    1. I've already knit four-and-a-half inches 2-a-a-t
      only about three more inches to the afterthought heel mark.

      Love doing self-striping, just waiting 'til the next color comes round!!!

      Hope you new adventure is exciting for you, Ivy.


  10. I love the toe-up method and seeing your great pics is exactly why!!

    1. Evelyn, I love that when one is done, it's all DONE ! ! !

      I don't feel it takes any longer than if I were knitting one-at-a-time.

      In the beginning I knit many CoodieA patterns and 2-at-a-time made those complex patterns a breeze to knit. It's like knitting one long pattern so each stitch is at the forefront of my brain. Don't think I would have completed very many pair of CoolieA's sox if I did them one at a time.

      This time I took the photos of myself holding the work. It's not an easy task LOL

      I've started my first Miranda Hat for DD#1. hmmmm, me thinks I could have picked a less busy yarn. Oh, Nutz, guess I'll have to knit another Miranda ! ! !
      pics soon


  11. I adore knitting socks it never ever bores me so I'm happy for you that you've ordered this great yarn and am knitting socks out of it. :) I'm always a mellow gal never going for those colors but always enjoy it a lot when others use it and wear it well :)

    I also think that knitabulls/diane also is a great knitter with colors.

    A few weeks ago I ripped two socks, yep two... had knitted them in jitterbug and run out so I put it on my attic to hibernate untill I could buy some yarn and finish them.... took the wrong color.

    Then I checked and yep stupid me, I knitted them like I knit the socks with 2,5mm gauge. Had casted on 64 stitches as usual instead of the 52 because they're knitted with 3 mm........ yep ripped it all out and am knitting them now with the right count of stitches and hopefully they'll be ok now. I knit them for my son who's the greatest fan in my whole world ;) He adores my hand knitted socks and will always wear them when it's a bit chilly.

    Read a lot about the troubles with the drought in the USA, hopefully it will be ok. We had the opposite, way too much rain this summer and cold and that's no fun either. Typical dutch weather ;) But I guess that mother nature needs to get her priorties straigt ;)

    The last week we got some nicer autumn weather, so we're cleaning up our garden, the tomatoes were a total fail and the blackberries too so they're taken out and it's ok. We'll make some plans for next year.

    Trying to find a great lace autumn shawl pattern, got a great coat but it needs a fitting shawl so on my way now :) Wishing you a great weekend and lots of enjoyable knitting time with this gorgeous yarn :)


    1. Socks are my favorite, also, Valeria. And I do love color! ! Though most hand knit socks in my drawers are in the pink/purple color family. So these colors are an unusual sight for my socks.
      I adore Diane/Knitabulls she's a gracious personal.

      Oh, dear, don't feel too bad I've had a time with needle sizes also. Most of my socks have been knit on Size 2/3mm addi turbos
      now I am using a Size #1/2.25mm ChiaoGoo
      taking several attempts to get the sizing correct. But, Hey!, I love to knit.
      We've had a bit of rain lately. Three inches or so [7.6cm?] and sure love it and need it. This week is going to be cooler and more like Autumn.
      Thanks for taking time to read and comment on my blog.

      Valeria's blog:


  12. AKA NanaMama
    I am using DVD also. I love her yarn. My colorway is Grade School Turkey and it is very Fall like. I decided to try the Skew sock. Loving the construction. Can 't wait to them all done.

    1. HI! NanaMama, I think I'll be buying more DVD. This knit up so darn nice.

      I admire any gal who attempts Skew



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