Sunday, August 26, 2012

A couple of new titles

added to my library.

Couldn't pass up Barnes & Nobles'
coupon this week.
Saved ~30%
Plus, had a great cup of Starbucks with 
wonderful Hubby. 
What more could a gal want ! ! ! 
Both of these books have been on my wishlist for some time.
I did a quick through last night
and have decided that
Circular Knitting Workshop
offers insight into techniques
I use or would like to use
to improve my knitting time.
You know how much I love knitting in the round whenever I get the chance.
Give me a circular needle and I'm in heaven.
Plus, there are the little practice projects that go with each 'lesson' of the book that will make great
gifting items.
Christmas is less than three months from yesterday.
And, there are birthdays coming up before then.
-  -  -  -  -
Everyone have a great week.
A special wish to those in the path of Isaac.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


  1. I have the Circular book on my wish list and can't wait to get my hands on it.
    I already own The Finishing School and have learned quite a lot.
    I know you are going to enjoy both books. My problem is there is just not enough time to do all I want!

    1. Thanks for reinforcing my reasons for picking these two.

      I'm all for presentation whether it be a matted photograph or a finished knitted project. I'll take all the info I can get my hands on to accomplish the goal. So Deborah Newton's book sounded great, but I waited 'til I could get my hands on it to take a look at what I was paying for.

      I read the Intro to the Circular Knitting last night and think I'll set aside an area to assemble yarns suggested for the first couple of projects.

      And, as far as time goes, I certainly could 'manage' mine a lot better. :*)


  2. the books look interesting, indeed!!!

    1. A trip over to B&N and a couple of hours of browsing could provide an opportunity to see what they're about.
      Our local library could inter-library loan these if they're not on the shelves.
      I love to know just exactly what I plunking my $$$ down for it.


  3. These look like great reference books. Happy Birthday early 8^)

    1. I'm hoping to glean some new techniques as well as brushing up known techniques and methods. I think the workshop of circular knitting will be lots of fun.

      I will be celebrating my 8/12th birthday soon. Then only four months 'til the next year birthday. I love celebrations! ! !


  4. I have added those books to my wish list. Don't you just love bookstores? I can wander around forever!

    1. Oh, yes, I do wander around, stop read, wander a bit more, pick up another book - oh! No! NOT that one ! ! ! , wander down this way and back up again, stop at the Starbucks Cafe for a Venti Decaf. More wandering. Always, always end up at the check out counter digging for my B&N Membership card and a book or two to add to my library

  5. Deborah Newton's book looks very interesting. It is been on my wish list too. Books are things you can never have enough of in my opinion. I much prefer the old-fashioned page to trying to navigate my way through a screen.

  6. Oh, please don't tell me, " Books are things you can never have enough of in my opinion." I don't need encouragement!!!!

    I do have several e-books that I find convenient to have access to while out and about. My first pattern e-book was CookieA's 'Knit-Sock-Love'



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