Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's All About Yarn - - -

Yep, it is all about yarn
projects this post.

Let's begin
Into The Woods

Toe-up, Afterthought Heel,
Stockinette with a 2x2 ribbed cuff.
[2 knit stitches-2 purl stitches]
Hand dyed by

 There is still one more skein of Highland Handmades in my Stash ! ! ! ! 
This time in
Royal Purple
Regal Magenta
Powerful Reds & Oranges
Throne Room

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Also, began and finished 
a scarf.
Yes, another Stockinette project.
This time using a Size 12 needle.
Great change from the Size 0 
used knitting those socks. 

 A couple of yards of Stockinette Scarf ! ! 

A person could wrap it 'round the neck several times and be as warm as toast this winter.

><  <>  ><  <>  ><

By the time I finished those two
I had to have

I turned to my In-Progress
fingerless mitts. 

I spent some time learning how to carry floats in colorway while working on these

There are loads of how-to videos on The Net

Gail at todays agenda 

Gail made a very good tutorial showing this

btw, Gail is a most creative talent whether it's knitting or sewing
or where I first noticed her
Give her blog a look
leave her a comment
tell her I sent ya.

There's a rhythm to doing this .  .  .
if I could only keep that rhythm.

I'd be going along just fine
DANG ! ! ! 
back to the really concentrating to get going again.
But am truly happy to learn this technique.

Here is where I began just letting the floats, well, float for the five stitches between color changes.
Yesterday I learned to carry that ‘float’ along each of those five sts. 

# # # # # # # # # 

Cold weather has hit mid-MO.
Yesterday our first snow of the season fell.

Must of gotten about an inch of the white stuff.
Which is mostly gone today.
Yeah ! ! ! ! 

Sure glad I've knitted those half-dozen
shawlette/shawls these past six months.

Put another log on the fire ! ! ! 


♥  ♥  ♥  ♥


  1. I think your in the woods socks look like Christmas socks.
    It must have felt stange to go from size 0 to size 12! I have a pair of socks I work on a little at a time on size 0...I need my glasses checked!
    What is wrapped around your yarn in the third picture? Just curious.
    I was just telling Mike [Husband] that I want to learn to float yarn and then I see you doing it...amazing! It looks so pretty. I will have to youtube it.
    And here we go again....snow! Ha, you know I want it. It has been so warm the whole time I've been sick and now that I'm feeling better we are going to 36 tonight.
    Off to check out this new site you told me to and I'll say Hi.
    Love ya.

  2. Tracey, it's a marker to denote the beginning/ending of the rounds.
    It is a jewelry clasp/closure.

  3. Aw, shucks, Gerry! You are too sweet! Thank you!

    I love all your projects, but especially the first pair of socks. That colorway is great, and they look so cozy! And hurray for taking the leap into color work. Watch out though - it can get addictive!

    hugs back at 'ya!

  4. You do need those fingerless gloves to show off your pretty colorful nails.

  5. I have a child that would DIE for a pair of fingerless mitts like those!! Carrying floats . . . mind-boggling. Excellent, beautiful work, Gerry!!

  6. Oh I got a hankering for some fingerless mitts like these gorgeous ones. 'Course, up here in Canada you kind of need the fingers. But I could use them in the early spring and late fall eh?

  7. The sox turned out great. Bet the ones from Throne Room will be awesome. Really like your scarf. As you know, I don't need lots of color to float my boat. Oh my goodness, those fingerless mitts are coming right along and look wonderful. You will be so proud to wear them.

  8. Too many pretties to comment on all of them, but I LOVE THE SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fingerless mitts will no doubt be my project of choice for a while.
    a.) takes little yarn - will use leftover sock yarn
    b.) portable - will pop the project into purse for free minutes while out
    c.) small palette for Fair Isle practice
    d.) they knit up similar to sox without the grafting of toes.
    Thanks, Gals, for stopping by AND Commenting.

  10. What a dynamo you are!!! Love all your projects and the way you work with color is mind-blowing. As for Gail, she's a doll!

  11. Those holiday sock are fabulous. I so would love to learn how to make. Thanks for popping by. I've been so crazed with this last minute b-day stuff, even my fingers are finally getting tired. I think I had just THE GRINCH, yes, it's one of my favs too.

  12. Wow, finally got you on my list and here I am again:) Think I've said before, I never learned to knit or crochet but sure do love to see someone's talented work. You are awesome and I can just feel that warmth in the socks!


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