Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stash Enhancement

I've found video podcasts ! ! 
There are a number of video blogs, vlog, vidcasts ! ! ! 
No matter what you call e'm.
They're great ! ! 

What better way to show of knitting and the like
than with video ???

One of my favs is

Heather is a knitter, dyer, independent business owner
who can be found on Raverly

One of my recent Stash Acquisitions is described, thus;
Tree Trunk Brown,
Conifer Green,
Big Bad Wolf Silver
with pops of Riding Hood Red ! ! ! 

Here it is

This is Heather's
Sugar Maple Yarn Base 
80% Superwash, 20% Nylon

Here is the skein opened so that you can view the dye sequence.

Views of either side of yarn cakes.

Thought you might like to see how this particular dye scheme knits up.
Toe-up, stockinette, afterthought heel, 2x-ribbed cuff
sox for Hubby.

Heather updates her shop periodically with her wonderful yarns.
Hey, spinners ! ! !  her fibers are beautiful, also.
She notifies us of her shop updates
via her vidcast.

If you interest has been tempted
why not check out her shop,
her video blog
and her shop.
Links to each are sprinkled throughout this post.
Check out her shop

Now for more Turkey  

gobble, gobble

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Wow, is that ever pretty!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I found podcast recently and love them too. I put a whole bunch of podcasts on my ipod and listen to them while I walk.
    That yarn is super yummy and your husband is going to be so lucky to have a pair of socks from it.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one, ours was here.

  3. Thanks for reminding me to come visit again:) I don't crochet and knitting needles are in the same catagory as chopsticks for me...can't work either one of them! But I love to see what you create with them and really like this yarn you're using now...what great colors. Almost makes me want to pick up a hook/needle or two...ummm, nah :)
    Hope you had a great Turkey Day. When you get your dreamy little shed all foofied up, give us a peek!

  4. Hey Gerry! I know, I know...I'm behind and NEED to write/call you! I will, promise. In the meantime, that yarn is beautiful and will be some great looking sox for your dear hubby! Enjoy those turkey leftovers! :o)



  5. Great photos of that amazing yarn. I know so many knitters who love podcasts but I haven't actually joined the fan base yet. I'll have to give it a listen! Hugs.

  6. Those socks look fab. So glad I got to see that yarn in person before you starte this project. Ron's a lucky guy!!!

  7. great colors, make me sorry that i dont knit.thank you for visiting my blog:)

  8. I've been gone too long! Absolutely love the yarn.

  9. What beautiful yarn! I find it so hard to tell from the skein how it will look knitted up. I suppose that's part of the surprise!

  10. The yarn is sooo beautiful :)
    Happy holidays!

  11. Hey sweetie, I get the whole eye thing. I could only wish to have an owl blanket, but these are a pair of the jammies I whipped up. But, a owl blanket now that's an idea. Have a great warm relaxing weekend, like I'm going to try and do.


  12. wow how beautiful is this yarn. Love it!
    Just thinking of you and wanted to come by and say hello and to give you heads up on my giveaway that is ending soon.
    Love ya

  13. wow that yarn is amazing! I love the descriptions too. What fun!


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