Thursday, August 18, 2011

Would Two Pair Make a Post

If so,
then I've got a post !
This post is totally LINKED.
Where ever you see the purple-y font there is a link that
will take you to the very website I used.

Here's my
that required the use of CABLES in our project.

I modified Cookie A's pattern Sunshine

I didn't want the cable pattern to continue on the foot portion of the sock so only the leg/cuff have cables.

This pair uses the afterthought heel

It gives a very lovely rounded heel that fits so fine.

under the heading

My second pair for this post
is made with
in the colorway

This pair also uses the afterthought heel, without modification
which allowed me to continue the stripe-y without interruption.

You can learn all about it on
They have posted a wonderfully instructive tutorial !

This is the very first pair of sock which I knit entirely of
Stockinette Stitch using the K2-P2 ribbed cuff.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

It appears the hot weather has relented to more fall-like temps
with lots of humidity.
But, I'll take the change.



  1. I went to the eastend Wal-Mart yesterday, but didn't look for you there.
    Did you know they are stocking a full fledge fabric department again? The do have yarn! They will not be carrying embrodiery thread :( They do carry patterns, zippers, and thread.
    I'll look for you at the west end one next time!

  2. Oh Gerry, I have missed you and even popped in earlier to see if I had missed a post and then here you are!
    I just adore the stripped pair of socks...super cool.
    A little nicer weather here too...only in the low 90's!
    Tracey xx

  3. I've lost it, I don't have a favourite pair of socks any more on your blog as I adore stripes and chunky tops but the cabling is sooo divine and not something you expect to see in a sock. Thanks for brightening my morning with your 'in the face' colours and patterns :).

  4. Hi Gerry......thanks so much for stopping by. I love these colorful socks you are making. In AZ we can't even WEAR socks because it is so hot!! LOL LOL



  5. Those are 2 bright pairs of socks! Love the lace.

  6. Your Sunshine socks looky yummy. Will make you want to roll up your pants to show your socks. :-)

  7. Thanks for all the links. Great reference post. Can hardly wait to see Sunshine-Sunshine socks. Gorgeous. Vespers still look great.

  8. Now, see? I've learned about something new this evening. I've never heard of the "after-thought heel", so I'm going to have to do some research now. I love making socks, so this could be something new and wonderful for me!


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