Thursday, July 28, 2011

MORE ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Look what just arrived ! ! 

Top Designers include:
Cookie A.
 - - love her designs including Pointelle that was in time-out so very long.
Nancy Bush
Anne Hanson
- - just knit her les Abeilles shawlette, twice
Véronik Avery
Deborah Newton
Evelyn A. Clark
Meg Swansen
Chrissy Gardiner
Katheryn Alexander
Pricsilla Gibson-Roberts
Eunny Jang
Mellisa Morgan-Oakes
Anna Ziloorg
Cat Bordhi
- - the gal who just changed my entire sock heel world - more about her shortly
Ann Budd  - whose name is on the front cover

oh, that's not all folks.
There is also an Instructional DVD included ! ! !  


I am a sock knitter, wait, I am a SOCK KNITTER
no, really
I AM A SOCK KNITTER ! ! ! ! ! 

Since Dianna introduced me to magic loop 2-at-a-time
and discovering Melissa Morgan-Oakes,
I love knitting sox.
Then Cookie A. designs entered my knitting life.
L--V-E her designs and my sock drawers are filled with her designs.

Cat Bordhi entered my knitting a bit later in my knitting life.
However, this week she re-entered 
with a GREAT BIG BANG ! ! ! 

If you knit socks
then you really have to take at look at 
Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel Sock
I first read about it on Ravelry
and used the link provided.

After watching this amazing variation of a short row heel
known now as Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel
I found her Rav Group 
I could not resist immediately ordering her

If it's instant gratification you're craving, this is it ! ! ! 
This ebook was on my laptop within seconds of my purchase.
No only is this pdf format ebook on my laptop it is going onto my NookColor
just as soon as I show you my first attempt of
Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel Sock

Sweet ! ! ! 
My go-to sock technique
toe-up or cuff down !


  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  

keep warm


  1. It's 103.5 are you crazy nuts knitting in this weather???

  2. Your excitmentis contageous!!!

  3. Are you sure you wouldn't like to take a trip to the coast? We could sit on the porch, drink iced tea and you can teach me your sock secrets! Oh, and I'll prepare you eggplant! Love ya!xx

  4. I might just have to take up knitting for a pair like those first ones... Lovem' to death.

  5. Love those socks on the cover. Have you considered making them?

  6. Gerry, my dear friend, you are the Queen of Sox! I just love how excited you are about your new book and video, and I can't wait to see what gorgeous sox are going to come off of your needles! :o)

    Love ya,


  7. Can't wait to see your new book. I wanted to check it out before I buy it. Depends on how small the sizes are if I buy or not. I really love that STH and am itching to try it myself. Thanks for the link. Waiting to see the afterthought heels next.

  8. I got my socks out and have been knitting furiously so I can try the STH. It is too cool for words!

  9. How funky are the socks on the front cover!! I love them!! x

  10. The excitement in your post jumped right off my laptop screen and into my heart! Hugs to my enthusiastic sock-knitting friend!

  11. I am impressed with your talent of knitting socks! That is the ultimate to me! Nice work! :)

  12. Wow wish I could knit socks!! You asked me if I blogged about glamping I do but very few people even knew what I was talking about. I am sending you a link to some pics of my vintage Argosy and the glamp we had with our Rollin' Oldies group.
    Thanks for asking. TTFN


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