Friday, March 4, 2011

Pair thirty-seven, I believe

Just a ribbed pattern 
with gorgeous colors.

It's a Berroco Sox yarn
in a sock weight
75% Superwash wool - oh, so practical
25% Nylon - oh, so utilitarian

Boy, oh, boy
do I ever love these sox!

Just downloaded this audio book from our local library.
I believe this author just may be the next Stieg Larsson [The Girl Who trilogy ]
I downloaded this book to my laptop so that Hubby and I can listen.

T-storm acomin' ! ! ! ! 



  1. You know I just adore each and every pair of sock you make my friend. Thank you so much. I've have been looking for the next good book to read. Off to check this out. It's a rainy afternoon and I can't pick up that hook and start a new just yet.

    Weekend Wishes,

  2. Wow Gerry, those socks are great. I love the colors.
    I will add the book to my list. One can never have too many books.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Boy, what a rain we just had more than an inch in just a short time.
    DD#2 across town had hail in addition to the wind and rain.
    Lots of lightening.
    Wow! Spring time is coming to mid-MO!
    Hugs to all

  4. Gerry - no cause for alarm or anything - but did you notice that these are goldenrod? wow - magic - changed colors halfway through.

    Love the colors - we get the storm tomorrow - hope it's a good one.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Love those socks, Gerry. The yarn look so good. Take care and stay dry.

  6. Luv the sox too. Glad to know of another author. Thanks.

  7. Those sox are awesome, Gerry! Love the bright and happy colors! I'll be showing mine off soon. It's raining like no body's business here today and dark and gray...not a good day to take photos! :o(

    Enjoy the book!



  8. OOOOH! I love these cheery socks--perfect for a dreary day. Thirty-seven pairs! You are awesome, my friend!


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